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We’ve been reading to the girls before they were born. We started collecting books right after those little lines appeared on the test. We have a bookshelf that is over 6 feet tall and it’s packed with books. We love books. 

Not only are they great for reading at home, but the girls like to bring them on car trips and plane rides. But they get heavy and take up a lot of space. Right before we went to Disney World, we Disney Story Central on our iPads (but it is also available via iPhone, tablet-optimized website and Video on Demand (AT&T U-Verse).

Disney Story Central App Review

As soon as we downloaded it, we received 4 tokens to use towards downloading books from their expansive collection of Disney stories. It was very easy for the girls to find a story of their interest using the “Browse By Character” carousel. Since it spans all Disney Franchises, including Disney Princess, Disney Classics, Frozen, Doc McStuffins, Cars, and more, we were able to find books appropriate for the 8 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old. 

Disney Story Central App Review

Each girl then has her own customizable bookshelves with personalized reading recommendations.

I was able to quickly set up separate users for each of the girls and allot them their own tokens where one token is worth one book. The Token system helps me empower them to pick out the books they WANT to read, allowing them to build their own collection of stories, featuring the characters they love. 

Disney Story Central App Review

After seeing an extended preview of Inside Out, N wanted to get all of the Inside Out stories…she wants to know how it ends! She’s able to have the book read to her, auto play or read it by herself.

Disney Story Central app Review

The illustrations are great and the reading voices are fabulous, too. It doesn’t disappoint in anyway! And now I don’t have to take 15 books with me to be gone for a week!

Disney Story Central app Review

When N finish reading a book, she was so excited she got a Star! She immediately showed me! Stars, Ranks, and Trophies are rewarded and given to encourage them to keep it up. 

Disney Story Central App Review

It also came in really handy when we spent 3 hours at urgent care. We had already downloaded the books so she had everything she needed! Disney Story Central gives families the freedom to choose the reading experience that suits them best, whether through a subscription service ($7.99/month) which gives kids unlimited access to Disney Story Central’s expansive library of books or a-la-carte options, using Disney Book Tokens. 

You can get Disney Story Central from their website or the iTunes store.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. pat chance says:

    what a great idea for Disney to come up with. Once you put the book on your device is it there permanently?

    1. Yes, it’s downloaded permanently. But, you do have to open it through the program/app.

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