Little Looster | Helping kiddos on the big potty


If you missed it, we’ve been on the potty training mission.  With pretty good success, I might add (hopefully, I’m not jinxing it).

One thing that’s helped, is the Little Looster.  And, it’s made by a mom, too!  So, it’s really been tested.


It is much more stable than a typical step-stool, which she has fallen off of.  It surrounds the toilet creating a much sturdier base for them to stand on, and much less likely to tip over.

It is also much taller than the typical step stool, which means her feet aren’t dangling when she gets on the potty.  This allows her much more freedom and independence using the potty.

  • Comfort

    Provides total comfort & leg support for years of use. (I would say that this is good for 1-3, unless your kids aren’t tall, then maybe 4-5 also).

  • Confidence

    Promotes complete certainty…no feelings of falling in.

  • Cleanliness

    Allows children to have their hands free at all times.  (This one was a stretch for us.  Maybe she didn’t feel secure, or maybe she’s used to other pottys, but she still puts her hands on the back to hold herself up).

To make it more sturdy, it is a lot bigger than a step stool.  In theory, adults shouldn’t have to move it to use the bathroom.  However, it is awkward to me to put my legs around it (in those grooves).  Additionally, our four year old isn’t really comfortable with it, as her knees end up in her chest.  And while she does have really long legs, they aren’t long enough to reach the floor around the potty booster.

Does it work well for a 1-3 year old?  I would say yes.  I really like how sturdy it is and how they can sit sideways if they’d like.  It also is taller, thus their feet can fit on it when sitting on the potty.

However, yes, we do move it around depending on who is using the restroom and it is big, which makes it difficult to find  a place to move it to.

I think it’s definitely a better solution for a kid potty training then a traditional step stool, and much more comfortable for them.

I was provided a sample of the Little Looster to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.

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  1. I won the Little Looster from a blog giveaway and my son loves it!

  2. Hmm…this is something to consider. We haven’t really started trying to potty train my youngest, but it may happen soon. She wants to wear her panties, she just doesn’t want to use the potty. Frustrating!

    1. Did you see my post about the 3 day potty training? You should check it out. We weren’t even at the “ready for panties” stage, and it worked really well.

  3. That looks like a great product………but, it does look pretty big. We barely have room in our small bathroom for the Baby Bjorn stool, let alone one bigger!

    So glad the potty training is going well!!! TigerBoy was a late, late trainer….however, it went really fast, so I can’t complain about that. At this point, he goes completely on his own…..

  4. Looks like a good idea, especially if your kids have their own bathroom. We went straight to using the potty, rather than a potty seat because I figured, why have to clean up the potty seat when the toilet cleans itself?

    1. No potty seat here, either. What an additional mess and burden. Then, if you are out and about, do you have to carry one with you?

  5. I don’t blame her for wanting to hang on. She’s way up there! I like that it’s so sturdy and substantial.

  6. What a neat product! You can tell a mom designed it, she thought of everything! My favorite aspect is how it wraps around the potty. I mean, kids don’t just climb up the front of the toilet like we do as adults – my daughter actually preferred to sit on the side. So with it wrapping around I can see her being able to do that without tipping over the step stool. LOVE this!

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