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This is the last picture I took of myself pregnant. Just a couple days before B was born (actually in this very same bathroom!). I gained over 30 pounds (I can’t believe I’m typing that).

LiviRae Lingerie Review

With my pregnancy with E, I purchased a stomach binder for after she was born to help suck everything back in and offer great support. I found it helpful, but I ordered too big and it only fit for a week, but it did the job. When I was at LiviRae Lingerie getting a nursing bra fitting, Molly showed me the SQUEEM Waist Cincher. I knew it would be perfect. Perfect for pulling my belly in after and helping my posture when nursing a baby ever hour or two for the first couple weeks. 

Admittedly, it didn’t fit right away (believe me, I tried), but I still did go out for a church dinner after B was just a couple days old. Even with my postpartum belly all sticking out, but notice, my breasts are where they are supposed to be thanks to my new nursing bra!

LiviRae Lingerie

Just a couple days later, and viola, I could hook all of the hook and eyes. For me, it wasn’t so much about the look as it was about pulling everything back up and in (after 5 pregnancies and 4 kids, it doesn’t bounce back nearly as quickly as the first time!). And, helping my back and my posture. It is a little warm wearing it, but it definitely pays off. 

LiviRae Lingerie

Of course, the fact that it got rid of my muffin top just a couple days after giving birth was certainly a bonus. And no, it didn’t roll or move when I sat, stood or moved around which was nice.

Most importantly, the nursing bras have helped me support my breasts, keep them comfortable, and allow me to breastfeed in a nice bra!

LivieRae Lingerie

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  1. grandma pat says:

    That looks like a very nice waist cincher – you know I have been thinking about getting one to help with my back – I want to see it when I am there

  2. I like that it didn’t roll or bunch, that would be my main concern. I also like that it helped so quickly: You look great!

  3. That light pink shirt is a great color on you 🙂 And that sweet B. How could your belly hold all that sweetness?!?! You are looking fabulous, dahling!

  4. I get so jealous of the products new moms have these days. I had my daughter in 1997 and none of this stuff was around then!

  5. I haven’t tried a waist cincher before. Congrats on your baby!

  6. Comfort. Comfort is key! You look fabulous. As always. 🙂

  7. You look great! I really wish I’d tried something like that. With my first 2, I was able to get back into shape with a lot of work, but the 3rd full-term pregnancy did my body in. Done.

  8. You look amazing! I’m glad that you found a waist cincher that worked and helped your posture!

  9. You look fantastic! I didn’t worry too much about getting back to pre-pregnancy weight/shape after my girls were born. I just enjoyed my time with them and the weight gradually dropped off.

  10. You look amazing! I loved my good nursing bras

  11. You really look fantastic and the new little one is adorable. It is great that you were able to get some assistance with the stomach binder and bra to help you ease back into your non pregnant body.

  12. Having the right nursing bra is so important! I wish I had gotten a waist cincher after my c-section for the twins. Things still are not right and even though I’m way less weight than I was, clothes don’t fit right.

  13. A great nursing bra is so important. I can’t tell you how many I went through to find “the one” that worked for me. Also? You looked amazing pregnant. And post-pregnancy!

  14. I never tried those waist cinchers. I just took my time in getting back into shape and watching what I ate. It took a long time but I eventually lost the baby weight.

  15. I didn’t even know these existed for postpartum. That would have been so helpful recovering from both of my children.

  16. I didn’t even know they made those. What a great way to help you bounce back in shape!

  17. Breastfeeding my twins did wonders for them and my body. I was actually surprised. You look awesome by the way!!

  18. it probably sounds crazy but I miss breastfeeding. It’s such a sweet bonding moment with your baby! I love her little cloth diaper! I cd’d too! I’d love one of those to cinch me in after my babies.

  19. I didn’t know about these when I had my children, but my sister used one after her baby and swore by it! If I were to ever have another, I would totally get one for myself!

  20. I miss breastfeeding so much. You look amazing!!!

  21. My baby is 14 and I still have a belly! I am so happy that you were able to find something to help get you back to pre-baby shape.

  22. I could have used one of these when I had my kids. lol. Looks like its doing a good job!

  23. I wish I had one of these when Anna was born! I bet it really helped to perk up your mood, too 😉 You look great, Krystyn!

  24. so that’s what I needed… i still look pregnant cause uh… i’m still fat. T^T wish i’d known about this when i coulda used it. wonder if i can still use it *thinks*

  25. You look amazing Krystyn! So glad there is another source for lingerie with nursing capabilities. I nursed all six and it was hard to find. I’ll check out livirae. Thanks.

  26. I wish I’d known more about supportive wear post-pregnancy.
    I was clueless then, but I’m learning more now…when I don’t plan to have another baby.

  27. Pregnancy and motherhood is so hard on posture. Wish I’d ad these with my three.

  28. Wait…you gained only 30 pounds? That’s a lot? Oh.

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