Mommy and Me Monday | Me and the Girls (The 62nd)


Happy Easter Monday!

I’ve shared the professional pictures of my girls in all their sassy glory.

But, I’ll bet you never would have guessed that I asked Deana Levine to snap a couple pictures of me with the girls?

Well, if you didn’t guess that, I’d say you were wrong.

We all dressed up with fun necklaces, and put on our best sassy smiles, but I didn’t put on a tutu.

*See that freckle on my bottom lip? If I had a dime for every time somebody tried to wipe that off of my lip, I’d be rich!*

Mommy and Me Monday-Me and the Girls

And, yes, this Mommy and Me picture? It’s going on a canvas. I just have to find the right place to put it.

We had some fun playing Ring Around The Rosies and We ALL FELL DOWN, too.

Mommy and Me-Ring Around the Rosies

*photos taken by Deana Levine and shamefully copied from her site*

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  1. mrs. hils says:

    That is a seriously lovely picture. I’m jealous!

    1. I can loan you two little red headed girls for a picture with you:)

  2. oh, those pictures are just too cute! what a fun girly photo shoot!

    I used the button, it did look funny and had an extra <center/ next to the button. I just removed it and it worked fine for me!

    1. It really was fun!

      I think I’ve got a fix for next week to add it back in the posts…crossing my fingers!

  3. I love the first photo sis..I love the color combination matching with the background and colors of your dresses…your daughters are so lovely also the mommy..

    Happy Easter!

    1. Awww..thanks, Karen! Most of it wasn’t planned. It just worked out!

  4. OMG these are so good!!! I shouldn’t be surprised because the other ones were awesome too, but WOW! Beautiful pictures and definitely frame worthy! 🙂

    1. Thanks, P! Yep, definitely getting it printed…but I really have to find the right place to show it off.

  5. The pictures are amazing, The three of you were all smiles. I love their tutu.

  6. lura staffanson says:

    Dear Krystyn,
    The picture of you and the girls is just beautiful. I am so glad that you are putting it on canvas. It will be a family heirloom.
    I have loved watching the Altanta mom video you are in. You are just as I pictured you. You are the prettiest and sweetest of the 4 ladies sellected. I love seeing your cute expressions and hearing your voice. I am so proud of you. I will be watching that clip over and over.

    Do you feel like a celebrity now? That was a real honor to be selected to go on the air. You are a darling mom and a wonderful person. My world is happier because you are in it. Hugs, Grammy

    1. Thanks, Grammy! Mr. Serious definitely agrees:)

      I’m so very flattered…but hopefully it will keep you entertained!

      I hope you have a great weekend and practice for going home.

  7. awwwwwwww…too pretty for the camera…lol! love the first pic…gorgeous!

  8. Oh what gorgeous photos! She did a great job and you all look beautiful Love the tutus and the colors!
    Hope it’s ok I linked 2 posts…one per birthday girl,

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to see it printed.

      And, not at all…how could you not do two separate posts.

  9. Those are LOVELY! They are at the perfect age for the tutu and sassiness! Just perfect!

    Mr. Linky doesn’t like me this morning so I will have to try again after work today…Happy Monday!

    1. Oh, they are totally sassy like 90% of the time…I think they get it from their father;)

      Sorry the linky wasn’t cooperating, but glad you were able to get it in later.

  10. Oh my goodness those photos are so precious! Love that all of you have dress up beads on!

    1. I had to wear them to get a certain little stinker to leave hers on:)

  11. Mr Serious says:

    I’m so glad you got those pics

  12. Those are GREAT pictures! I love them both!
    And yay, I can participate in M&MM!

  13. wow! what a lovely picture of you and your kids! so pretty just like their mommy! ^_^

  14. Barbara M says:

    I love seeing pictures of you and your girls – so special!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I like that I have them because I don’t have very many from previous years.

  15. First of all, I absolutely love the pics of you are your girls and their professionals! What cute little Divas!
    Second, I loved your video of you on TV..that is so awesome!! I feel so cool I read your blog! LOL

  16. These pictures turned out great! I love the one of you and your girls sitting down…so sweet! 🙂

  17. Your kids are having so much fun! Happy MMM!

  18. How PRESH are those?! That totally makes me want to put on a cute dress, cover myself in jewelry, and ham it up…and I’m NOT a picture girl.

    1. Yeah, me too..and I’m not a dress up, picture girl, either.

  19. I know I saw these pics last week but was so busy I don’t think I commented…they are gorgeous & such fun! I love it!

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