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This is our table.  Our very small table that I bought in college.  When we have people over, we add extra chairs and squish in around it.  It’s intimate especially with two kids, one who uses one hand to eat and the other hand holds the fork.  So, I checked out some dining room tables recently, you know, to put on the old wish list (which recently includes a Smart Phone with a data plan, since you asked).

Current Table

I think this would be perfect, and would already match our current chairs!  I think that would work well for our budget, right?

TMS Farmhouse Dining Table in White /  #2ural - 69407WHT

We need more room at our table.  As it stands right now, we can’t even put dinner on it, we have to serve it from the stove or counters because it’s just too chaotic!

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  1. I think that table looks great. We might get a bigger one someday but so far ours is working for us as long as we never have any company over anyway! 😛

  2. loving the table. just make sure you get it before i come over mkay?

  3. Hope you find a good, inexpensive table soon!!
    (and of course, hope you also get a new phone too! lol)

  4. I totally know how you feel. We have a small table that I bought in college. It seats 4 comfortably, 6 if we squish. But we only have 5 chairs, so we can’t really seat 6 at the table.

    We have a family of 4 plus a baby and one on the way. The older kids are teenagers. The baby is 13 months and still in her high chair. The one on the way is due in December. I have no idea what we’re going to do when baby #1 is ready to sit at the table.

    And when we have company ………………. yikes! Usually we go buffet style. Put the table up against the wall and put all the food on there. Make a plate and find a seat anywhere in the house. Works great for parties. For Thanksgiving last year, with all my in-laws, we had to go buffet style. But I wanted to use my china. So we all filled our pretty fancy plates and sat on the floor, couch, at the desk, wherever we could find a seat. It was a fancy casual.

  5. oo love that table! It totally goes with your chairs! We have a round table like yours. But you can put 2 leaves in it to make an oval. I love having the extra room but being able to make it small when its just the 3 of us. Love the wishlist 🙂

  6. That table would make a good puzzle or game table once you replace it with a new one.

  7. I love that table! I agree with dinner being too chaotic to serve from the table…we won’t be attempting that one for awhile longer 😉

  8. I like it. In our house, so many memories are formed around the dining table…do it, it is a great investment!

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