Parents and kids enjoy fresh fruits and veggies alike



For us, this is the best time of year to get organic fruits and veggies fresh from the farmer’s market, our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and our local grocery store. The produce looks amazing, and most importantly, tastes amazing when it’s in season. Plus, it’s usually less expensive! The girls love going to the farmer’s market and taking in all the beautiful colors and smells, and I can show them what organic fruits and veggies look like before they go into their favorite frozen pops or Beech-Nut purée.

fresh organic fruits and veggies for baby and mom

During the summertime, some fruits and vegetables that are in season that we enjoy include: blueberries, kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, avocado, green beans and yellow squash. These fruits and veggies provide a variety of nutrients, which are also important for baby to enjoy. You can find all of these ingredients in Beech-Nut’s lineup of real food for babies™, so your little one can take in the delicious scents, tastes and colors of the summer season. Beech-Nut uses only real ingredients, and nothing else, to introduce babies to the look and feel of their soon-to-be favorite foods. All the varieties are made using Beech-Nut’s just gentle cooking™ process, which minimizes heat and allows the ingredients to retain their true tastes, colors, smells and nutrients.

CSA fruits and veggies

And, it’s safe to say that both adults and kids alike enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. This container of raspberries was gone in one sitting. And, I can’t fault her, because fresh raspberries are amazing! Of course, her sisters were upset to discover that she had eaten all of them on her own.

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Just like she loves those fresh summertime fruits and veggies now, she loved them when she was little, too. When she was a baby Beech-Nut’s real food was our source for introducing and exploring new flavors like just pineapple, pear & avocado or just pear, raspberry & asparagus.

Feeding her a variety of nutrient-filled, colorful ingredients early on allowed her to develop a taste for fruits and veggies and instilled a willingness for her to try and discover new flavors. And, don’t forget that sometimes it takes a couple tries before baby really enjoys and accepts a new food. Even into their toddlerhood, elementary days and adult days, it might take more than once. And, as my 7-year-old likes to remind me, “tastes change every couple years” when there is something she no longer wants to eat. Thankfully, they all have a lot more years to keep trying, tasting and enjoying so many great foods that the summertime provides us.

fresh organic fruits and veggies for baby and mom

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  1. Oh, that little nugget. I love me some B. And man, she packed away all those raspberries? Scarlett downed a full measured cup of blueberries the other day. She kept asking for more!

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