PSF-Gotta have it


So, here’s another hint of where I went the other day. Do you know now?
That’s right. A little trailer selling shaved ice.

I got a shaved ice. You can’t find these things anywhere in Georgia. It’s silly. It’s nonsense. It’s not fair!

So, the first opportunity we got, we had a date to get a shaved ice.

Waiting? Totally sucks!

And, even worse, Mr. Serious got his first. Jerk.
There she is in all her beauty. My beloved…the best…the wonderful. My delicious shaved ice.
Do you know what flavor it is?

That’s right blue bubblegum. It’s the best.

Can you see the joy in my bite?
No? How about here?
Ready for another bite! I can’t stand the suspense.

It was sooooo good. And, guess what? We went and got another one today!!! Might have to get another one before we leave, too!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

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  1. LOL! Fun PSF…….I personally enjoy a grape and cherry shave ice. 🙂

  2. that stuf looks amazing next time I go to see my Jenn I will get some shaved ice .

    great photo friday

  3. YUM! Those are THE best. Can’t say I’ve ever tried that flavor, but my favorite is DEFINITELY Pina Colada! Hands down.


  4. LOVE shaved ice! Best stuff EVER! I also love the blue! With Cherry on the other side! 🙂 Hope your having fun!

  5. Great action sequence!

    I don’t know if I’m quite ready for shaved ice (it just stopped snowing), but give me a couple of months.

  6. I am looking forward to the tigers blood flavor…. I think that’s what it’s called!

  7. mmmmm snowballs!! i cant wait till the stand in my neighborhood opens and we can go all the time, spearmint and chocolate are the best

  8. I really would love one or two of those right now..yummy. So how good was it? lol

  9. Ummm… YUM!!!!! Where is this at?!?! I LOVE shaved ice… pretty sure I havent had it in well over…. 10 years?!?!

  10. You have got my mouth watering! Glad you had that yummy opportunity.

  11. I’m jealous!

    I want some shaved ice.

    I would have probably gotten the same flavor that you did. It looks delicious.

  12. Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander says:

    haha! The delight in your post is amazing! Glad you are having so much fun and I hope you make it back for a 3rd!

  13. oh this brings back great college memories!! and lucky for me they just put in a new ice shack just a town away – hubby and i had some this last weekend! sooo yummy!!

  14. OMG, I love that stuff. Now I’ll have to take Aiden there after we visit the Easter Bunny today 🙂

  15. What fun! There really should be one of those on every corner:)

  16. I used to get “rainbow”. Oh man, the memories that brings back! Now just where was Izzy in all this? Were you jipping her out of the opportunity or are you trying to save her the heartache of never knowing such pleasures? ;oD

  17. No shaved ice in Georgia? What’s wrong with those people? ; ) Glad you got your fix! HA!

  18. Well I couldnt live in Georgia then! lol
    SO glad you enjoyed it..loved the story line (and pics!!!) Too cute! Did Izzy get one too? (or did you deprive her the deliciousness of that blue bubble gum flavor?!?!)
    My favorite is strawberry!!

  19. Great pictures! Wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog.

  20. Oh, so that’s why you went to TX…I thought it was to visit family! lol. Did you get a haircut? You look adorable. Where are the girls?

  21. Yum! I can taste it!! Only bad thing is it leaves your mouth all kinds of rainbow colors. We only have them around our town when the fair is here the last week in July. Man, I can’t wait!!

    Have a wonderful rest of your trip!

  22. Oh I’m jealous! I love the blue kind where when you’re done eating you have a blue tongue – just proof of how much you enjoyed it! Hope you’re having a *fabulous* vacation!


  23. Yum!! I LOVE shaved ice! And they don’t have it in Georgia?! What?!

    I say eat it as much as you can while you’re there 🙂

  24. Yummy! Those stands don’t open till like June around here.

  25. Looks good! Kind of wish it was warm enough for that to be refreshing here……..I’m a cherry person all the way!!!…….

  26. I am so ready for our shaved ice place to open. Strawberry cheesecake is my favorite!

  27. Ooooh that looks good! There’s a little place here I’ve been waiting to try. Hopefully it will open again soon.

  28. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Oh I LURVE that stuff. I haven’t had any in years. That’s it. I’m moving in! 🙂

    Happy Easter to you and your fam!

  29. I think the shaved ice people must have been flirting with you. Look at the size of that cup! Someone likes you all right. 😉

  30. I love when our snow cone place stand opens. Definitely one of my favorite things about summer!

    Have you ever had a snow cap? Ice cream on the bottom and shaved ice on the top? So good!

  31. blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    So if you sip with the straw too much does it drain the flavor out of the ice??

  32. OK, it’s 3AM (don’t ask).
    It’s Passover. (I’m starving).
    We don’t have anything like that in RI.
    I am drooling.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacay and have a Happy Easter!

  33. Dennis and Leslie says:

    Oooh, I want one! *still waving*

  34. I love shaved ice! I’m thinking a trip down the street to Bahama Bucks is in my near future.

  35. I’m so glad you got your shaved ice!!!!! Yummy.

  36. Oh those things are SOOO good!! I had one every day on our honeymoon-it’s perfect for hot weather and somehow it seems like a better alternative than ice cream. Plus they taste FANTASTIC!! I’ve never tried a blue one…that is on the top of my list!!

  37. So I stumbled across your blog today and saw that you lived in Atlanta, GA and are totally bummed that you haven’t found a shaved ice place. So I thought I would let you know that I am also a shaved ice fan and have found a snow cone trailer, very similar to the one you were at, on the corner of Ponce de Leone and Moreland Ave. I don’t know where you are at in Atlanta but thought you would like to know 🙂 It’s a great place and I can’t wait to have my first one for the year!


  38. Looks delicious!
    We don’t have shaved ice around here. Instead we have something called Water Ice, that I had never had before moving to PA. It is wonderful though and I haven’t had any yet this year. Waiting for a nice warm day!

  39. TELL ME!! So I can get one now! I swear I used to eat those things like crack. And with the condensed milk on top, MMMMMM!

  40. Or wait, I think that’s what we call a “snow cone” here! 🙂

  41. YUMMY!! We don’t have those in AZ either. I am with you, no fair!

  42. That brings me back. I remember the days of waiting in line when the stand on FM 528 would open. Boy, I miss Houston!

  43. I live in GA and we can get snowcones where I live.

    Where I live is smaller than Atl, but it’s growing.

    Glad you got to enjoy a snowcone though!

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