Sometimes the cute overwhelms me


Maybe it’s just me. But, sometimes when I scroll through my pictures, I get a little overwhelmed with the cute. Of all of them. Of all of it. 

I’m so lucky. So blessed. So fortunate that these little people call me “mommy.”

Her little face makes me smile no matter what is going on.

My cute kids

And this one, wanting to be a big girl so bad. Yelling to go into the “play room” and play with the ponies. She loves those ponies and that doll house. She makes them trot on the roof and everything.

Ponies in the house

So blessed that these sisters love each other so much. And, that B will always have somebody willing to pick her up and carry her around (no Baby B’s were harmed in the making of this picture).

Hold all the babies

And, of course, the man that picked me to be his wife. Pretty darn blessed there, too. He’s loving on his bookends all in their St. Patrick’s Day attire.

So very blessed

If you haven’t scrolled through your pictures, phone or the big mama, I highly recommend doing it. Just take a little time to appreciate and love what you have right in front of you!

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  1. I am blessed to be their aunt, and your sister and Papa Bear’s SIL. Scrolling through pictures is the best. I just smile and grin the whole time.

  2. I love going and looking through all the old pictures….
    makes me smile (and sad) at the same time 😉

  3. grandma pat says:

    when things get to me at work I stop and take a few minutes to go thru the photos and videos on my phone. Puts a smile back on my face. Please keep them coming.

  4. Sweets all around. You are a lucky gal! 🙂 I think all my guys are pretty handsome. I’m always showing off my “brag book” if someone asks!

  5. This is so very sweet! And yes, you are most certainly blessed. I do the same thing with all the photos I take. I was just comparing K to pics I took of her recently to some of her as a baby… And just like that, she is 4.5!

    It’s hard to believe your 3rd baby girl is already a toddler!

  6. it’s sooo not just you!! i too have to pinch myself often that this is my life 🙂

    super lucky!

  7. I love looking at pictures, it always cheers me up. My husband thinks I’m unhealthily obsessed, hahah.

    1. I don’t think that could ever be considered obsessed! Well, maybe if it’s not your kids:)

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