Father’s Day


This guy? Deserves the world for Father’s Day. 

Father's Day He kept all three girls and gave E a bottle (even though she’s not a fan of a bottle), he got up with our oldest at 5:30am on vacation to help her catch a fish and he’s just an awesome dad (even when it’s time for discipline).

And yet, I have absolutely no idea what to help the girls get/give him. Like zero ideas. He pretty much never says things that he wants (except work clothes…lame!), so I can’t come up with anything. And, since we are all home, they won’t be making any crafts at school for Father’s Day (note to self: Friday needs to be an intense craft for daddy day).

If we were on the search for a new phone with a set-priced plan, we’d definitely be going the metroPCS route.

They’ve put together a great list of options for the different dads/men in your life.

For The Tech-Savvy Dad: The tech know-it-all, this dad browses retailers’ electronic sections like a kid in a candy store. His vice: Bragging about being the first to buy the latest gadget.

Our Pick: The LG Connect 4G. It’s a multi-tasking powerhouse that (tech speak alert) is powered by Android 2.3 with 4G LTE speeds and is packed with a 1.2-gigahertz dual-core processer and a front-facing camera. I tested this phone out and it’s very nice. You can see my LG Connect 4G review and sample pictures previously posted.

Bragging Rights: Lots of geek speak. And, for his less-tekkie friends, he can spout off score-by-score game plays or stream last night’s basketball game highlights with the ESPN app. Mom need not worry: cell plans start at $40 a month.

For The Music-Loving Man: He’s (unfortunately) not embarrassed to sing in the shower, or while cooking breakfast in the kitchen, or, ahem, while driving the fam around.  He’d be lost without a beat – music gets him through the day. He’s the life of the party.

Our Pick: The slim and stylish LG Optimus M+. It’s a user-friendly phone, also with Android 2.3, that allows quick and easy sharing of photos, videos and songs with MetroPCS’ Rhapsody Unlimited Music.

Bragging Rights: With Rhapsody, on-the-go users get unlimited access to millions of songs, which means dad can brag about knowing the latest artist or band – and show off his savvy – with the click of a button.  And it’s $60 a month for unlimited use.

The Text-Happy Husband: He’s all about simplicity – keeping things short and sweet. Why call when you can text? He wants to get right to the point – and slash seconds off his conversations.

Our Pick: The Huawei Pinnacle. With an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard, it makes easy, quick work of texting. Bonuses: A 1.3 megapixel camera with video capture, GPS technology and Bluetooth connectivity (in case he dares to make a call).

Bragging Rights: Conversations that last 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. This quick-chatter option (unlimited talk text) costs just $25 a month.

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  1. This may seem like a ‘mom’ gift but dads and men totally dig photo books of their kids/grandkids!
    We got two for my dad from the grandkids, one for Christmas and it sits on his desk at work and the other on his coffee table where he can show everyone his grand babies. I did a yearly one for Christmas and a random one for his birthday…he loves them!

    1. Nope, not a mom thing at all! I’m sure he’d love it! We usually do some sort of picture thing every year:)

  2. How nice. My husband deserves the best for Father’s Day as well. He’s been wonderful.

  3. A hand stamped key chain 🙂

    1. Man…totally should have asked this more than three days before the big day!

  4. mrs. hils says:

    My man is receiving a small, framed collage print from our travels the last few months. He can take it to work. There will also be some awesome handmade cards and Mike & Ike’s.

    1. You know, I heard Mike and Ike split up…I tried some recently..they didn’t taste the same:)

      1. mrs. hils says:

        Maybe we’ll go with Reese’s Pieces.

  5. Tiffany B. says:

    My Dad is a golf-a-holic. he’s getting a new Detroit Lions golf umbrella. (his choice!)

  6. Ursula Thomas says:

    For Father’s Day, Im taking my dad out to lunch 🙂

  7. I am getting an E-reader for my Dad

  8. Samantha Moreno says:

    LG connect cant wait to win it!!!

  9. My hubby is getting concert tickets & my Dad is getting new lawnmower tires (what he wanted)!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!


  10. Stephanie says:

    i like to make home made cookies for my dad

  11. Gift idea would be the whole day off….from everything!

  12. Crystal Warren says:

    It’s a little late for this year but for next year I’d get him something autographed by his favorite sports figure. I got my husband an autographed picture of Tom Landry (the Cowboys coach) and he still has it in his office (and talks to him when he has a tough decision to make…he’s weird though)

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