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The great state of Michigan kept us pretty busy. Graduation party, family, gardens, lakes, kayaking, paddle boating, fishing, reading and more! There were missed naps, late naps and 10pm bedtimes.

But, for the most part, they were troopers. And, it’s only been a week, but we are back on track (for the most part).

One of our stops took us to Meijer Gardens, which ironically, doesn’t have that many gardens and is more known for their statues.

In the kids section, there was a beaver theme. It was pretty funny. They got in a beaver house and whacked some things (the opening was too small for me to get into while wearing E). Then we found a beaver. And, since we’ve got “beaver fever” (“baby, baby, baby-o”….not really the “boyfriend” kind) we had to stop and get a picture.

Beaver Fever

Look at N…she’s got a new posing face…what is with those kissy lips? And, that little foot? She totally almost wiped out and fell off the bridge (that’s Mr. Serious’ hand saving her!). Whoever says two is hard really hasn’t met three. And, she was totally born a middle child!

Sometimes, they are nice to each other. Other times, they are totally sisters!

sweet sisters


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*FTC: We paid for our tickets…a pretty penny actually!

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  1. ha! that beaver is hilarious!!

    and the girls are adorable – but you already knew that!

  2. Girl, you guys were on my home turf…. seriously. Meijer Gardens is like right in my back yard. I wish that I had know about your trip earlier, then we could have met up.

    Oh well, maybe next time. 🙂

    1. Seriously? How did I not know you were in Michigan? I don’t know where I thought you were, but I had no idea you were there! My aunt lives in Rockford..that’s where we stayed most of the time.

      Sorry I missed hanging out with one cool chicka!

  3. grandma Pat says:

    I love ths kissy lips pose. Love the Lake Michigan hats too. I am glad you had fun on vacation.

    1. I have one on my phone with the same kissy lips from the park!

    1. Oh yes..very busy….and it’s only the start of summer!

  4. It is so hard to break schedule with little ones but it looks like you guys had an awesome trip. Four has been the hard year for us. Three was a breeze.

    1. I think the three/four difference is a boy/girl thing? Maybe?

      It was pretty good and hopefully we made some memories because we still aren’t really back to normal!

  5. Love Meijer Gardens. The wallpaper on my phone is a photo of my children there.

    Such fond memories.

  6. Our kids would love a place like that. Pretty sure they would want to bring that beaver home! LOL!

    1. So glad they didn’t ask…we didn’t have an inch of room in the van:)

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