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So, this was the week I was supposed to keep the girls home with me.

Key word “supposed” to.

Monday went great.  We hung out at home, made a fort and the girls loved it!

Girls in a fort

Tired eyes and all!

Girls in a fort

Tuesday at about 2am.  Stomach bug from you know where hits me.  Me and the porcelain god were getting well acquainted.  And, then, well, the other fun part of a stomach bug.

The sad thing?  I was so achy I couldn’t even sleep.  So, Tuesday, Mr. Serious stayed home with the girls.

Tuesday, about 3pm, Mr. Serious sends me a text from downstairs, he’s now not feeling well.

Not good.

Yep, he’s got it, too.  Mr. Serious and the porcelain gods also get acquainted.

Wednesday, he says he feels better.  We desperately call school to see if the girls can pop in (bummer that we don’t have family close by right about now, I even called my mom!).  They said yes, so he brings the girls to school and goes to work.

I stay home and rest.

Wednesday, Mr. Serious and work and the stomach bug, don’t agree.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s say he left work early.  So, I had to get myself up, and get the girls from school because I was the “better” of us.

Poor girls ate cereal one night for dinner.

And, today?  Thursday?  We are finally, a little bit starting to feel like normal.

Now, please say a prayer!  I friend is watching the girls for us, so I pray they don’t get sick (they’ve seemed fine), so mommy and daddy can have a little parent time.

And, while you are praying, please pray this NEVER EVER happens again.  In the 13 years we’ve been together we’ve never both been sick like this, let alone at the same time.  So, we’ve had our fun, and it never needs to hit our house like this again!

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  1. OH honey, so sorry! We had it back to back once years ago when B as a baby and it was AWFUL! I hope you are ALL better now!

  2. Oof. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough week but so glad you’re on the upswing. Here’s hoping the bug is gone from your house for good!

  3. Oh, no! That is one of my biggest fears! We know how the ‘no family nearby’ thing is…makes it even harder, for sure! Thoughts and prayers heading your way!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! We lucked out and the girls didn’t get sick.

  4. Jeff and I were both sick over Christmas one year. It was terrible!

    1. It really should be a law that both parents can’t get that sick at the same time.

  5. I hope that crap goes away completely soon! Yesterday I had an awful headache and today I feel like it could be coming back. It’s so hard to function, especially on a computer, when you’re not feeling well!

  6. Glad you’re feeling better and I hope your kids don’t get it next. It sounds horrible!

    1. Thankfully, it missed the girls. That would have been really terrible.

  7. Lol “porcelain god!” You’re hysterical!! I sure hope you’re doing better now!! I just got over food poisoning myself…no fun!

    Love, Mere

    1. Wait a second..a college kid that’s never heard “porcelain god” before? That’s unheard of!

      Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Oh man hope everyone is feeling better now! Stomach bugs are the worst 🙁 Looks like the girls had a blast in the fort! How fun!!

    1. They really loved it…and kept asking me to make another one every time they tore it down.

  9. oh no oh no oh no!!

    joe and i got sick a few months ago at the same time and you are right – it’s the worst!! sooo soooo soooo not good!!

    hope you are all bug free and enjoying a happy weekend!

  10. Oh ugh. I’m so sorry. That is horrid. Strange that the kids didn’t get it. Could it maybe have been food poisoning? Did you two eat something the girls didn’t? Hmmm.
    Saying prayers that everyone is healthy again!

    1. I thought about that, but the only thing that we ate that they didn’t was zucchini, so I doubt that was it. Plus the doctor said it was going around.

  11. By far the worst thing about motherhood is having to take care of the kids when you’re sick. I hope the kids don’t get whatever it was. Hang in there! Next week is sure to be better.

    1. The next week was better…and thank goodness the girls didn’t get it.

  12. oh Krystyn….that sounds HORRIBLE! Crossing my fingers the girls never did get sick….

  13. Oh you poor guys… that must have truly sucked.
    It’s just a good thing that the girls didn’t get it too.
    I wonder if it was something you ate?
    Glad you are both feeling better now.

    1. Thankfully, the girls didn’t. And, for how long it lasted and the delay between Mr. Serious and me, I’m thinking it was a bug.

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