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That time with the upset tummy


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Several years ago, my oldest got a terrible ear infection right before we went on our Michigan vacation. We picked up the antibiotics and started them immediately. Her behavior and mood improved greatly.

florastor for upset tummies

Then, her tummy started hurting. And, hurting and hurting. She couldn’t tell us that her tummy was hurting, but her diapers told us everything they needed to. We felt terrible because she felt so terrible. And, the adults staying in the house with us were feeling terrible because they weren’t getting any sleep.

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We called the pediatrician and she told us that we needed to get her some probiotics and balance out the good bacteria in her gut. We weren’t able to find any in our remote location but once we got home we picked some up. Her tummy started improving very rapidly.

Now, when the girls are on antibiotics, or even when I’m on them (we’ve had way too many cases of MRSA which requires super strong antibiotics for us), I make sure that we have probiotics to take simultaneously.

For the girls, I just was introduced to FlorastorKids. It’s easy for kids that can’t swallow pills. It’s a powder packet that is yeast-based and gentle enough to use on children from 2 months old. I can add it to most drinks or soft foods without them even knowing it.

Florastor Kids Giveaway

FlorastorKids contains 250mg of the probiotic strain Saccharomyces boulardii lyo, which is found on the skin of tropical fruits, lychees and mangosteens. Both the capsules and the kids powders are vegetarian and gluten-free and neither require refrigeration.

I’m glad to have these on hand and know they are available the next time we have a tummy bug or have to have somebody on antibiotics. Probiotics have helped save my tummy many times and I don’t want to be caught off guard should another tummy bug take up residence in the house.

One reader will win a Florastor prize pack with 1 Florastor 50 capsule bottle and 1 Florastor Kids 20 pack box. Open to residents of the US.


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  1. We tried probiotics once and he could said he tasted something weird… so we stopped trying… would love to try again, we have needed some lately.

  2. I used them while pregnant to help get rid of sniffles, I also found that while breastfeeding they have been helping me make more milk and avoid mastitis.

  3. I have used Florastor for my son and myself.

  4. Now that you mention it, I don’t have anything on hand for upset tummies but Pepto and a few bottles of emergency gatorade. I think I might get some of this to have on hand.

  5. Jessica Beard says:

    I have never tried them with my kids. I would love to have them on hand for them.

  6. I take probiotics but for some reason have never thought about giving them to my daughter– great idea!

  7. I love that! It looks like that is shelf stable too so you can keep it in the medicine cabinet.

  8. I guess a lot of new parents also aren’t aware that if you are giving your child antibiotics- you need to counter act with a probiotic. My kids would always get horrible diaper rashes until we started using a probiotic!

  9. I had a daycare child that would get the big D every time she was on antibiotics. I finally talked to her mom since I was hating changing the D diapers and gave her some of my Florastor Kids and it worked like magic!

  10. I haven’t used probiotics for any of my kids. But I really want to. I used Kefir when I was battling mastitis. I still ended up with thrush, but I was glad to do something that I thought was beneficial to me and my nursling.

  11. I know what its like to have a baby with an upset stomach. My son, who is nearly 7 now, screamed for two years of his life. I knew in my gut it was his stomach. At 2 years old he had to have a endoscopy.

  12. Must get these. My kids are always so sick during the winter, they just take turns giving it to each other and the pedi always recommends probiotics. Must give these a try!

  13. As the mom of an almost-7-month-old, this is great info to have! I’m going to have to make sure I have this on hand. Thanks!

  14. I was just preparing to start researching this very thing, so thanks for helping me get started. Good info!

  15. We give our kids pro-biotics whenever they have an upset tummy too! They are a must when they have to take antibiotics. They really make a world of difference.

  16. Illy Junus says:

    I use pro biotic when my son have upset stomach

  17. helps keep them from having bowel issues after antibiotics

  18. susan smoaks says:

    i have found that probiotics help with digestion issues and we have fewer upset stomachs.

  19. Laurie Emerson says:

    My daughter has had digestive problems since she was an infant. Probiotics has helped her so much as they keep her regular.

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