The Bloggy World Meet Up


We talked about doing it for a while.

We kept saying "when we see each other…"

We chatted on our blogs, on email, on google chat, on the phone and on Skype.

For three years.

Enough with this "pretend" friend thing.  Let’s make this IRL.

I sent an email about a break and a possible visit.  She said let’s do it.

I confirmed.  I reconfirmed.  I reconfirmed my confirmation.  She was going to be stuck with me for three whole days.

And, then I did it.  I purchased my plane ticket and flew off to Kansas for a weekend.

Bloggy Meet Up

She drove on newly iced roads and brought her girls into the airport in the snow to get me.

And then we met and hugged. 

It’s so surreal meeting somebody for the first time even though you’ve "known" them for so long.  We knew so much about each other and yet there were so many gaps.

There really wasn’t much quiet time.  We filled it all with talking and filling in those gaps.  Putting faces with names and putting all of the pieces together.

We ate a lot of delicious food, had a wonderful pie, was gifted some cookie cutters, had food delivered by a train, had a Starbucks treat (or two), had pedicures and met a BFF.

I truly had a great time and can’t believe that I was just there.  It was a packed three days and I hope we get to do it again.  I’ve already started my "too see in Atlanta" list.

Thank you amanda* and family for having me in your home.  It was a blast and I’m so glad we did it. Bloggy Meet Up

* I know you all are dying to head over and meet amanda, but she’s private, so you’ll just have to trust me that she (and her girls and husband) are just that awesome.


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  1. Good to know that Amanda is doing well. Last time I saw her blog she was pregnant. Glad you girls got to meet. How fun!!

  2. this is so sweet!! I am glad y’all got to meet and have fun!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is so cool. I met my blog friend Drew and she is one of my very dearest friends to this day! : ) I call her when I am stressed. And happy. And just medium! And she always picks up the phone and cares. I don’t know what I would do without her. So glad you had this awesome adventure!

    1. Same here. I know I can call when I need to talk with no judgment!

  4. So fun!!! I am super jealous! I have always wanted to meet a bloggy friend and I have yet to meet a single one! Maybe someday, I guess! So glad you had a fun weekend! 😀

  5. There’s nothing better than finally physically connecting with a true kindred spirit. Sounds like the perfect trip!

  6. i hate to keep repeating myself but dude…that’s YOU in my basement!!

    crazy. just crazy.

    and now i wish i had pie…

    1. Well, I thought about bringing them, but considering there was snow on the ground, I decided disposable was the way to go.

  7. That sounds like a blast! I’m glad you got to take break and relax – you deserve it! = )

  8. That is soooo awesome!! I’m glad you had a good time and got to meet her!

  9. Meeting a blog friend in real life is awesome. Glad you got the chance to do so. 🙂

  10. This is so awesome!!! I can only imagine how much fun was had! It must have felt surreal yet so normal all at once! I love Amanda and her girls and am a tad bit jealous of your trip 😉

    So happy to meet you!! Thanks for visiting my blog…and yes! that duvet cover is from Ikea (except i scooped it up in almost brand new condition at value village, woot woot).

    Cheers to new friends!

    1. Nah…don’t be jealous…just schedule your own bloggy trip:)

      And, lucky find for you!

      Ours was actually free…well, my sister bought it full price, and then fave gave it to us!

  11. How fun!! So glad you were able to get away!
    I used to read *her blog! Glad to see she is still doing good and you guys still keep in touch!

  12. Grammy Staffy says:

    What a fun trip. It is so nice to meet a blog friend in person. I am happy for you.

    By the way, don’t you think it is time to plan a trip to So. Cal? I’ve heard that the Staffy
    B & B is the perfect place to stay while you visit Disneyland, Knotts, Sea World, Lego Land, and Universal Studios. Well, it may not be the perfect place, but it is free….and two bedrooms are empty and waiting for your family to fill them up…. and wouldn’t you just love to meet your blog Grammy??? I would surely love to meet you, Mr. Serious and the girls. When can I pick you up at the Ontario, CA airport?
    Hugs, Grammy L

    1. You know I would LOVE that! how fun would that be? Granted, I think we would need to save for the next 5 years for all of those parks and activities.

      Oddly enough, when we were in college, we did fly into that airport. Mr. Serious had a college basketball tournament over Thanksgiving and I went.

  13. I want to be included next time, I’m sure Amanda mentioned that I’m not *that* weird in real life, right?! LOL. I’m so happy you two got together, finally!

    1. Yeah, she said you weren’t too weird:)

      We’ll have to plan a fun trip after all of the girls are done nursing.

  14. I’m so happy you met each other and had such a great time!!! So next time she comes to you, huh?

  15. How wonderful! I am so glad you all could meetup IRL and had a fabulous time together. The picture of the two of you is just too cute.

  16. Yay!! So glad that the two of you had such a wonderful time!!

    And pie? Totally midwest friend! Love it!

  17. How fabulous you did that! I have had nothing but great experiences meeting bloggers I love in real life. BlogHer was amazing for me because I met everyone I had been dying to meet for years. It’s a great thing, for sure. 🙂

  18. ModernMom says:

    Wow! What a n experience. I had butterfly’s just meeting bloggers IRL at a conference. You are amazing to turn it into a mini vacay! Sounds like you found a great friend:)

  19. I love it! I know we said last summer we’d get together, but living so close we gotta do it this year! What do you say?

  20. awwwwwww….I came back for this…how awesome! I love those nails….so sexy….:)

  21. I have LOVED every blogger meet up that I have ever done.
    You wrote it up so perfectly… it’s a little nervous to be going to see someone you “know” but really don’t.
    But then as soon as you see them, the hug fills in all the anxiety that you may have had.
    I am SO looking forward to Disney’s conference to meet new people and seeing people I haven’t seen in months or even a year.
    Your faces show just how wonderful the visit was!!

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