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En route to my bloggy friend meet up, I had to do that mandatory waiting on the plane thing. 

You know the "no electronic devices" time.  And the only books I had were on my free Kindle app on my phone.

(I’m not a plane sleeper either).

I did what any person does on the airplane.  I picked up the SkyMall.  (That is what any other person does, right?  Well, the ones that don’t have paper books and can’t sleep on airplanes anyways).

As I’m flipping through looking at the crazy things like a pet ramp, a head massager, a laser comb that makes you grow hair and a watch storage case (that stores 11 watches…who has 11 watches?), I see some shoes. 

I find it odd that there are tennis shoes in SkyMall.

I look closer.

What the heck is that logo?

The seed of life shoe?

That really can’t be what I think it is.

Is it?

Slick Seed of Life Logo: Because it's cool

Yep.  Totally is.

Shoe logo. 

And, then read the caption.

"Slick Seed of Life Logo: Because it’s cool."

That definitely cleared things up for me.

Would somebody really buy a shoe with that logo?

And, I have a single burst of a laugh; out loud of course.

I might or might not have gotten a stare from my row-mate two seats over.

(Holy moly.  I’m looking again at these shoes.  They are $129.95!  But, they do claim to make you "Jump higher, walk and run faster" and "elevate your performance.")

Wait, just noticed they said "appear taller," too.  That might do me in.  Where do I sign up?

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  1. Hilarious with a capital H! I’ve seen a woman at story time with these shoes on, minus the logo, I think 😉

    1. I think they sell them minus the logo, too. However, this was much funnier.

  2. oh I would have a whole laugh fest and def. had some strange looks because of those shoes! Too funny!

    1. Hard not to laugh, right? I guess it’s the teenager in me.

  3. The elevate your performance thing kind of had me laughing along with the logo. I cannot BEE-leeeve that logo and tag line. What-the…?!

    1. Right…that’s totally it. As amanda said “it’s all sorts of wrong.”

  4. OMG that is too funny! I have seen some gold in SkyMall before, but this? This is the best!!

    1. Like gold bars? Like just to buy and have them? Honestly, I didn’t get past like the third page, or whatever page these were on.

  5. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    Why do Americans get so weird about sex and or anything related to sex?
    If it wasn’t for sperm and eggs we wouldn’t exsist.

    You never know having that one sperm on your shoes just might make you run faster. After all out of hundreds only the one fastest and strongest wins the egg to make another beautiful precious life.

    So put the shoes on and shout out “RUN FOREST RUN! “

    1. I don’t think I get “weird” by this.

      However, sex is a private matter between a husband and wife (or other significant others), and I don’t think it needs to be on shoes.

      Having said that, I think it would be equally as funny if a pituitary gland or appendix was on the shoes.

      What’s the connection?

      Plus, the “because it’s cool” tagline?

      Yes, a beautiful life is made….but does it need to be on shoes?

      1. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

        I was talking about people in general. Not anyone person.

        Personally I wouldn’t wear them. I am sure they were made for the shock value.

        I guess what I was trying to say was, to each his/her own.

  6. I am laughing at the price! Holy Moley!! I would never buy shoes with a sperm on them anyways (just cause I am not the kinda girl to wear things for shock value) but even if I was, $130 is a bit much. Just a smidge *sarcasm*

    I do like Linda’s point that only the fastest sperm fertlizes the egg, that made me laugh!!

    1. Yeah, just a smidge!

      I like my shoes to cost under $50!

  7. grandma Pat says:

    You always find the strange and funny items. Joe never brings a book when we travel and always reads the sky mall magazines. Does anyone ever order from those?

    1. I don’t know. Seems like even if you found something you might like, I bet you could find it a lot cheap elsewhere.

  8. honestly, I would not care what logo is on my shoes. As long as they are comfortable, and low price. If I could get a discount for a “strange logo”, I would buy them. Well, not for 129.99, though,

    Honestly, those prices in skymagazine are always about 500% of what I would normally pay 🙂

    1. I think for the strange logo, you would have to pay me to wear them…or they’s better be like clouds on my feet and make me look like a super model.

  9. That is hilarious…and ridiculous! I can’t wait to hear where you went on your blogging trip! 🙂

  10. I own a pair of those… logo and all (so does my hubby). I have never seen the logo described that way however. They are called Gravity Defyers and we each bought them when they were on sale – paid less than $100 each.
    They really are extremely comfortable and have helped my husband’s arthritic feet and my back.

    1. Okay, suckiest blog friend ever, right? First I laugh at open hearts..and now the shoes you have.

      Good to know they are comfortable.

      And, really the logo description…it’s totally what they put in the ad. I just don’t see people buying them for that. I bet if they removed the logo and took some money off the price, people would be all over it.

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