The Fair, the 6th year!



We went to the animal fair.

The birds and the beasts were there.

The big baboon by the light of the moon was combing his auburn hair.

The monkey he got drunk and sat on the elephant’s trunk.

The elephant sneezed and feel on his knees and that was the end of the monk.

The monk, the monk, the monk.

Since 2008 (man was #1 tiny!), we’ve made sure to head to the North Georgia State Fair as a family. Each year is different and fun, and presents it’s own unique challenges. This year’s theme for us? Divide and conquer.

Mr. Serious took the two older girls because they could go on a ton more rides (and I’m not allowed to), and I took E.

While the older two were hang-gliding, 

At the fair

E and I were taking a spin on the carousel, the same one that was #1’s ride back when she was almost 3. The spinning on the carousel almost did me in.

At the fair

But, the look on her face, and the “ohhs” and “wows” were totally worth it. (Next time, I’m going to request the one that only does like two complete circles or wear some motion sickness bands!)

At the fair

Mr. Serious also took the girls on the ferris wheel, since I proved on my last trip to be too much of a nervous nelly!

At the fair

But, apparently, I’m not too nervous to let my 19 month old on a carnival ride all by herself? She loved it, though…can’t argue with that! Last year, no rides. This year, like four!

At the fair

And while E rode the mini-caterpillar ride, her big sisters rode together on the mini-caterpillar roller coaster.

At the fair

And, they went on the swings. Man, do those go fast! And, high. 

At the fair

At the fair

E and I should have hit up the petting zoo, but instead we went in search of fair food. We went for an elephant ear. Turns out they aren’t as good as I remembered…we should have gone with cotton candy or ribbon fries. Fortunately, the hubs went back with the older two girls and scooped me up a caramel apple. Now that was tasty. Unfortunately, a tiny little belly babe is having a rock party from all of the sugar!

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  1. stephanie says:

    looks like fun! cute pictures.

  2. These are great! Such great memories! Well, its official – we are going! I have been on the fence about going to the fair this year since we went to Disney….but after seeing these…we’ll go again this year!

  3. How fun! One of these years I want to come and go to the fair with y’all. Katy Rice Harvest Festival hasn’t been as good as past years so we don’t really have a fair to go to.

  4. grandma pat says:

    one of these years we will have to make sure to visit while the fair is there. Man looking back at old pictures, can’t believe how much the girls have grown and how much E looks like the olders.

  5. Fun, fun, fun. I think I am living vicariously through you. You keep posting about N GA events that my family always “plans” to go to, but then time catches up with us and it is too late. 😀

  6. Michael Lambert says:

    I haven’t been to a fair in years. Looks like a lot of fun. My daughter has never been on rides but I think she would love it.

  7. I hear you with the spinning rides. I just can’t do them anymore. It’s hard to fathom how I ever could.

    Seriously, the girls are big enough to ride some FUN stuff now!

  8. this is the first year I think we missed it. I love taking the kids and seeign them check how tall they are to ride the rides!!!!!!!!! Glad you all enjoyed it!

  9. I love going to the fair. It is always so much fun and reminds me of things we did when I was a kid. It is nice to share the same sort of memories with our kids.

  10. We LOVE the fair! Such a great family tradition and memories!

  11. aww they had so much fun! We like visiting the fair. We may not get there every year, but we try.

  12. Looks like a great time! Glad your daughter went on the rides this year.

  13. looks like they had a total blast! What a fun day!

  14. That looks like so much fun! We have a pumpkin patch that we go to every year- it’s fun having an event that you look forward to for a whole year!

  15. Looks like your kids have no fears. I cant believe they went on the hand-gliding ride, I’m scared of that one.

  16. i love the divide and conquer method! brilliant!!

    man i love the fair!

  17. Your girls are fearless!

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