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I know you all were worried that I tortured the Serious girls and didn’t give them their ice cream. 

But look, before we even got them their ice cream, they both (independently) stopped and gave me some adorable pictures.  (Never mind the fact that it is the exact same location as last week.  Nor the fact that they both look like they are at least a year older.  Please stop growing already.  Pause button where are you?)

sweet #2 happy #1

See, they got their ice cream.  And, they devoured it (cotton candy flavor, by the way, yuck!).  I always think a trip to get ice cream will buy me more time.  But, nope, sure doesn’t.  It was gone in about 2 minutes. cream such good ice cream...

After the ice cream, the girls enjoyed walking along the short, raised walls.  #1 thinks it’s a balance “bean.”  Of course “monkey see, monkey do” followed right along (but, she was required to hold our hands).  The best part is dismounting off the end to daddy.

balancing act jumping to daddy

But, quickly after the dismount, they are ready for another trip on the “bean.”  #2 was quite good at it….and pretty stinking cute, too!

ready for round 2 adorable!

I’d say I have a pretty good looking, maybe a little distracted, family.  I’m not biased at all.

my loves

PS. If I may be so bold to ask, I would really appreciate your prayers.  I’ve had an odd tingling sensation in my left arm and hand the past couple days.  I went to the doctor and neurologist today, and have an MRI scheduled next week.  This is just to make sure they didn’t miss anything, which they don’t think they did.  But, we really don’t have an explanation at this time, either.  Much thanks and love from the Serious Family.

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  1. Praying for your tinglies.

    And your little redhead princesses are just so precious. I can't get enough of their pictures, so cute!

  2. HUGE positive thoughts being sent your way for the MRI. Your little girls are too stinking cute too!

  3. Nothing like ice cream to bring out the smiles. Hope everything comes out alright with the MRI.

  4. Lots of happy vibes and prayers shooting your way.

    I LOVE the giggly shot of the Serious Family!!

  5. Anytime your body is doing something out of the ordinary, it can be frightening. I can't do much for you from here — but I can certainly pray 🙂

    I adore your little balance "beaners"

  6. Cute girls!

    And you'll be in my prayers tonight.

  7. Beautiful pics of the girls! And I'm glad they got their ice cream. 😉

    I'm sending many good thoughts your way re your MRI. I would be really scared too, but I'm sure everything will be okay.

  8. lots of prayers laced w hugs 🙂

    and for the record cotton candy ice cream is delish!!

    oh and your girls are edible!!

  9. Cute pictures, it is funny but true that they do look much older than last week…

    Sending prayers your way for the MRI

  10. How cute they are with their ice cream and on the balance bean.

    Praying that your arm is ok and that the MRI gives you some answers! Take care.

  11. prayers sent your way for the tingles…hope everything is okay!

    those girls surely know how to pull off pink…such sweetness!

    i am with amanda cotton candy ice cream..yummy!

  12. We'll be praying for the arm stuff to get figured out! That can be so scary. Hopefully something very simple.

    The photos are awesome. I love that last shot! What a great family!

  13. They're so cute! I'll be praying for you!

  14. Looks like Nat's hair is getting curly too. They are both sooooooo cute. I can't wait to see you all next month.

  15. Melly and Jessie call it 'blounce bean'. I hope the tinglies turn out to be nothing.

  16. Good luck with everything Krystyn! You will be in my prayers for sure (although I'm sure you won't need them 🙂

  17. Your girls are getting so big!! And cuter by the day I think and I am not biased so it must be true! haha
    I am hoping you get this tingling thing figured out soon & that is nothing! Prayers being sent your way! 🙂

  18. They sure look like a bunch of happy campers 😉 Have a blessed weekend!

  19. Cotton candy ice cream flavor….
    Oh my. YUCK! Kids love that stuff though, don't they? : )

    I hope you feel better soon.

  20. Glad to hear the girls got their ice cream and everyone had a great time.

    Sending prayers your way.

  21. Your girls are soooo cute w/ their red hair. Do they get it from you or your husband?

    I hope everything is okay with that tingle sensation, very strange,I will pray everything works out okay, which I am sure it will.

    On a side note, I was interested in you doing a small change or two to my header, is that possible, should I contact you at your Krizzy Designs email?

  22. Love your photos!!
    Will be praying for you and your MRI results…
    My Isabella also loves the cotton candy ice cream. I love sweets but that ice cream is yucky!

  23. Mamí♥Picture says:

    Your Baby Girls are so cute!!

  24. Praying for your positive results. Hope you get an explantation soon!

    And yum for ice cream. It's a summer favorite here too 🙂

  25. Your family is soooo adorable! And your girls are so sweet and have just wonderful personalities! They must have pretty stellar parents! 🙂
    Keep me posted on the arm…doesn't sound good. 🙁
    And now that you're a SAHM let's play soon!

  26. They are so cute enjoy each day wit them and eat ice cream it's good for everyone!
    Prayers for you in this unknown situation.

  27. I just read this…saying prayers for your arm. Any news yet? Your girls are just precious!

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