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Princess Tiana and Queen, errr Mommy?

Well, that’s what the girls think in the house and I go with it.

But, there was Disney royalty in the ATL this week. And, she was on point. It amazes me how in their role they are. We were waiting in line, and I felt bad keeping everybody, but she still took time to talk to me, and even compliment me on my top. Those Disney princesses totally rock it.

Me and Tiana

I have a confession to make.

Everybody in our extended family wants our girls to go to Disney World…and I had no desire to go (past-tense people, keep reading).

I don’t know why, just not for me. Until this week. When I heard about all Disney has to offer for adults (with or without kids); award-winning dining, spas, recreation, fun after dark…even a tequila bar (wait, maybe I made that up). Well, they did have glowy-ice-cube-cosmopolitans for my friend.

Disney glowing drink

So, I can do Disney and have grown up time, too? (What I didn’t ask…is there a daycare? There should totally be one…okay, no, well, then grandparents or maybe an aunt will come?) Because I totally want to stay at the Cozy Cone.

Cozy Cone

Some of the rooms actually have separate rooms…like I can close the door for my kids to sleep and be in another room instead of creeping around in the dark! And, look at the cute cones at night at the pool! Seriously, I don’t think I’d even need to go to the park for like two days. Just chill in a cone by the pool? Yes please!

cozy cone pool

Okay, fine. I want to go. And, I want to bring the girls, too. Because I can imagine the looks on their faces. The awe. The wonder. They would freak out just seeing these moving fireworks on the headboards of the beds. 

magical room

Alright, Disney, you win. When will you have us?

(Disney photos provided by Disney. I went to #DisneyNiteATL to hear about the fun adults can have at Disney. Even got to see Monica’s mom rock an Ariel shirt! Terrible picture, totally my fault!)

Monica's mom

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  1. They always say it’s the happiest place on earth and all. We want to go but not until K is a bit older. And yeah, the Cozy Cone looks pretty darn fun! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I bet 4 is really like the minimum age for real enjoyment!

  2. We went to Disney for our honeymoon. It was just as magical as a romantic getaway as it was through my eyes as a child. Some day I will take the boys to Disney. I honestly think its more magical for girls than boys though. Something about that princess allure.

    1. I think they seem to be gearing more of the stuff to less girly? Maybe? Like the new Cars thing?

  3. I wanna go to disney world lol I have never been so it will be a treat to me to see what all the hype is about.

    1. I imagine it’s best to first view it as a kid, and second to that, through our kids eyes.

  4. Scott checked out the Art of Animation resort before it opened and said it is amazing. There is SO much to do here for kids and kids at heart. Come in the off season, it’s tons cheaper.

    1. It really looks awesome! I’d hope to stay there!

      Okay, when is off season? Not summer, not Christmas and not Spring Break….

  5. That does look like fun! I’d love to come with…Uncle David would, too! He’d probably have more fun than the girls! We should look in to a family trip there! And we could both drive so no expensive flights!

    1. That’d be one LONG drive for you guys..but yes, we should.

  6. Katherine G says:

    You guys will have a wonderful time at Disney world. My family and I had a blast. I am sure if we would’ve had a baby-sitter that maybe we would’ve taken part in some of the adult activities. But we could always go back and do it again.

  7. This makes me want to go back to Disney! I went on my honeymoon 5 years ago and would LOVE to go back!

  8. my husband and i went there one one of our first dates. love disney world. we live in ca so we can visit disneyland often and are taking my son to see santa there this year for his second christmas. i can’t wait!!

    1. Oh, how fun. I know if I lived in FL or CA, I’d be there all the time.

  9. My four year old LOVES Disney princesses, but I think she won’t really enjoy being there yet. The problem is that when she’s “old enough” she probably won’t be as fascinated with them!

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