We live in a gated community


Kid #1: One gate at the top of the stairs.

Kid #2: We added a little plastic gate to our bonus room to keep her out of the cat food (in addition to the one at the top of the stairs).

Kid #3: Gate at the top of the stairs. Gate at the bottom of the stairs. Stronger gate to the bonus room. Gate to the dining room turned play room. Couch across the walkway from the living room to the dining room.

Yep. Gated Community.

Gated Community

The third kid is too fast and is everywhere.

And of course, so are her older sisters. (#1 isn’t getting yelled at here. She just pulled her fourth tooth. Well, almost pulled it, I touched it and then it popped out. She’s showing daddy her new gap in the front.)

Grandpa was nice enough to help us get that gate at the bottom of the stairs installed. Because it’s at the bottom, we wanted to make sure it was installed in a stud. Of course, we had to use a stud finder to make sure we were right. If you’ve never had a man with a stud finder, you should totally buy him one. Because I guarantee you he will put it on himself and make sure it lights up. 

Stud. Finder.

But even funnier? After the stud was located (in the wall, not Mr. Serious or grandpa), N took the stud finder (after we explained that it was to help you find wood in the wall) and put it on grandma’s leg and got it to beep.

She said “grandma, you have wood in your pants!” And then we all died!

Gated Community

(This is E being so thankful that grandpa helped save her from the stairs. Okay, really, this was right before they left and she finally let him hold her and actually smiled instead of crying!)


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  1. Tracy @ The UnCoordinated Mommy says:

    Lol, I have totally put that on my husband and gone “beeeeeeep” 🙂

  2. Oh my that is hilarious! I bet you all nearly died laughing! Kids say the funniest things.


    1. Oh definitely..we were all looking at each other in disbelief.

  3. We are hoping to be in a more “open” community soon! We probably would be now but Abbie LOVES the stairs (and jumping from step to step) so it may be a little longer than expected. Plus now with our new puppy who knows!

    Love the comment – you never know where you can find a stud or wood right??

    1. One day, we’ll have an open community again…who knows when!

      And yikes..you never know where.

  4. We still have one gate in the house that I can’t bring myself to take down, but I well remember the days of the “gated community” – we lived there, too!

  5. I feel for you! I remember having to gate everything when Caroline was younger and we lived in a two story house. Emma has grown up in a one story home… thank goodness. Haha! There is nothing like forgetting a gate is up and walking right into it. Ouch! 😉 I do not miss those days.

    1. Yeah, our Texas family has said a couple times we should move back there to a one story house!

      Oh yeah, they hurt, too!

  6. I like this “gated community” business. I’ve just been joking that we live in a prison with all these gates up. 🙂

  7. OH my gosh! That is so funny! I would have died too.
    And wow! That is a lot of gates! Good idea. 🙂

    1. I have a feeling it makes our house seem huge..it’s definitely not!

      And, yeah, we were all quite shocked.

  8. That is too cute!!! All your gates keep your babies safe. Better safe than sorry.

    1. Oh yes, mostly because we’ve lived through all of the “sorry!”

    1. We all were too!

      And, I was so happy I caught it because there weren’t many moments like this.

  9. stephanie c says:

    haha love the gates! but just wait until they just start climbing over them… 🙂

    1. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. The older two know how to open them and when the youngest starts to climb them, we’ll have a new plan.

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