Why I saw 1am rollover on the clock


Last week, I got home from work only to discover our front door unlocked.  Of course this was after the girls and I were already inside (we come in through the garage).

Then, I watched Grey’s Anatomy.  Rerun.

So, I hunkered down to work on some blog designs.  But, I left the TV on because Mr. Serious was out of town.  I needed something to cut out the quiet.  Next time, I’ll go with Pandora.

I watched the Serious household boycotted show Private Practice.  Too much drama.  Too much "getting it on" with other characters (although, saying that out loud isn’t pretty hypocritical because the same thing happens on Grey’s).

What a terrible horrible no good very bad decision.

The show?  About a horrible attack and rape of one of the main female doctors (Charlotte, I think).

The whole show was about her attack and her attacker.

Every single noise I heard made me jump.

The kicker.

Remember how the front door was left unlocked?

All of a sudden, mid-work, my wireless connection went out.

I sat in the chair trying not to move…you know that so still you do when you are scared and you think nobody will know you are there if you don’t move?  That was me.

Because I totally thought that somebody came in the house during the day, didn’t touch anything and was silently waiting in our bonus room where the network stuff is.  Waiting to lure me in by killing our wireless.

So I sat some more.  And waited about 15 minutes.  Then, I turned on ALL of the lights.  I contemplated going into the kitchen first and getting a knife.  But I thought I’d probably be the one getting hurt with my own knife if I grabbed it.  So, I decided against it.

I finally went into the bonus room.  There wasn’t anybody in there waiting for me.  But, I still had to nervously sit in the room and wait the several minutes while everything was reset.

Reconnected.  Finally.

So, I worked a little more and finally went upstairs to bed.

Bed.  Where I laid awake for a couple more hours.  I tried reading on the Kindle (thanks Mr. Serious for leaving it).  I tried checking facebook on my phone.

I watched the clock rollover to 1am.

At some point, I finally fell asleep (with several lights still on, of course).

Sleep. Finally.

And, I only had two more days of this solo parent craziness.

Two more days of vowing not to watch anything scary on TV.  Trying not to jump at the noises.  Trying not to think about somebody trying to get me.

Please tell me it’s not just me.  I’m not the only scaredy cat when home alone.  I’m not the only one to freak when the husband is away.  When everybody in the house is only relying on me, right?  Right? 

Thank goodness, he’s home now.  With no plans for a trip in the future.  All of you mommas with traveling husbands, I don’t know how you do it.  You all are very brave.

(On the flip side.  I did find the remote that was missing for over a week.  And, I got help repairing our wireless network so devices like our Kindle and wii can connect.  Yay productivity!)


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  1. First off – I say the same thing about the Grey’s spin off every week, yet every week I end up watching it. I am usually the one who travels so I have only had one night “alone” without Sean and it was a LONG night! Every creak, thump or random noise had me freaking out! Hey – at least it was productive for you though!

  2. I hate when Adam is gone. Even if he went out for a few hours and coming home. I rarely fall asleep before he comes home. Before? Never like this! Maybe it was the random guy knocking on our door when I was 7 months pregnant at 3 am saying, “I am not a killer, my car is stuck?” where I see no car and tell Adam “DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR!” just turned out to be an idiot drunk who kept driving past our dead end. Ever since then, I hate our dead end street! Gives me the heebie jeebies!

    1. OMG. That would have scared the crap out of me!

      And, I don’t sleep well even if he’s coming home late. I usually stay up.

  3. Sometimes I’m a scardy cat like that even when I’m not home alone. Especially when I make the mistake of watching an uber scary episode of Private Practice / Greys Anatomy / Fringe etc.

  4. You are NOT alone! I’m SO SO scared when I’m home without the hubs! I will under no circumstance go down to the basement. And I leave like, all the lights on. The scariest, though? Try watching Criminal Minds late at night… that creepy music… the serial killers… OMG. A little while ago, as I was watching, I could hear someone walking upstairs… knowing it was my five year old, (hours after he had gone to bed) I ran up to check on him, and just seeing him standing at the top of the stairs made me SCREAM out loud! Of course, this made him cry and of course, I felt SO bad!

    1. I might or might not have screamed (just a little) when I was spooked by one of my kids.

  5. When my hubby works third shift I usually only sleep about 2 or 3 hours a night. I swear to you, every noise…. every freaking noise wakes me up and freaks me out. If the dogs start barking, you can hang up sleep all together! It is a really long month and as soon as he rolls back to 1st or 2nd i end up taking a whole day to catch up on sleep!

  6. u know you are not alone.

    and if it makes you feel any better – on sunday when we came home the front door was open and the side door was open. since the flippin day before! ugh!!

    1. Of course it doesn’t make me feel better….but maybe a smidge more normal.

    1. I couldn’t do it. And, I have friends that do the same. I hate a late night home returns, let alone being gone for several nights.

  7. Definitely have had those moments. Lew works late quite a bit and I am always checking the doors and windows!

  8. You are so note alone at all! I get totally freaked out anytime I’m alone – walking the dog, going up the stairs, everywhere. I’ve been known to run home for fear that someone is behind me and/or lurking in the shadows.

    1. I can’t even be out of my house late at night…like in the neighborhood. And, men, they totally don’t get it.

  9. This is SO not just you. Jeff doesn’t travel for work but he will go to bed before me sometimes and it always when I am watching a scary show.

    Never fails, I freak myself out.

    1. I can’t even watch scary movies..at all. Never have been able to.

  10. that happens to me too. When Jeremy is gone, it is like every noise is louder and the house goes all weird! LOL I get worried about a fire and how I’d get the girls out or if a burglar broke in how i’d keep them safe when they are in different rooms… ah! stress! 🙂 But I’ve been working on it and the last time Jeremy was away, God really helped me stay calm and sleep well.

    1. I did say a prayer to help us to be safe and me to be calm…it helped a little, but I definitely need to work on it.

  11. Jessica @atl mom guide says:

    This is totally me! The last time hubby was gone I was so freaked out I was considering taking all the kids to walmart just to walk around with other people! (you know your bad when u feel safer at walmart lol) and I have not let him go out of town since!

    1. Oh, you know it’s bad when you are considering going *there.*

  12. That is one of the reasons I have vowed not to watch any more scary movies. That is all I think about when Todd is gone. It is crazy. But I have to say, having a dog now is a HUGE help. She really makes me feel better in the house when Todd is gone. 🙂
    So glad the hubby is back and all is well again. 🙂

    1. I don’t do scary movies, either. But, you bet your bottom, I will turn a show like that off next time.

      If I were a dog person, I just know that would help.

  13. You can hear the same noises when you’re not alone and they only sound scary when you’re alone. But you do end up getting used to it eventually. In your case, you don’t have to though!

    1. Yes, it’s funny how they aren’t scary when you aren’t alone!

      And, it would be super tough to adjust to it. I can’t imagine.

  14. You are not the only one to freak. When I’m alone, I locked myself in the house and when I hear strange noise, I have to check that all the doors and windows are closed. I’ve been doing this since being robbed (and hubby and I were at home at the time…)

  15. oh, I cannot stand being in the house by myself with two kids. Especially when they both start crying at different times and wake up each other,

    I am scared to go to bed, I keep walking around the house checking if all the doors are locked 🙂

    1. Oh, the having to get up with both kids is tough, too. I can’t even imagine how single parents do it.

  16. Nope…not the only one! I hate when Alex goes out of town. I usually let Luke come sleep upstairs with me which you know is a big deal since I’m normally a “no dogs in the house” person! 🙂

  17. I’m not home alone at night very often but am always jumpy too! You’re not alone! ~wink~

  18. Hey, you are NOT alone! I get that way at night when Bill is asleep and I’m still up – every noise scares the crap out of me, but I have been assaulted before so I am afraid of things during the day, too. 🙂
    As for Private Practice, I think the same thing about that show, but found myself watching the last 1/2 hour of that particular episode because I had already gone into the bedroom and was waiting for the news to come on… it totally freaked me, too because of what happend to me. I actually was incapable of changing the channel.

    1. Oh, I can’t even imagine if something had happened to me. I might actually consider carrying a weapon.

      Yes, that episode was way too freaky and sad because you know it’s happened to people.

  19. Why did I just read this when husband is leaving for the first time ever on business in 1 week, oh why?!

    I use to love being scared, now… not so much 🙂

    Glad that you weren’t lured in~

    1. Oh, B….so sorry. You’ll be fine.

      Just made sure to only watch kids shows all week!

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