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Most years, I never have an idea of what I’d like to request for my birthday or Christmas or any other gifting holiday. This annoys my family and they like to joke they are getting me socks and underwear. Honestly, at this point in my life, socks and underwear aren’t the worst thing I could get. 

But this Christmas, I had a request. I really wanted a new camera body. I already had the lenses and didn’t want the newest model because professional I am not. I just wanted a bit of an upgrade with higher ISO options, more focal points (despite me not being able to change these at all) and video.

However, after making my request I was told it wasn’t happening this year, so I was totally understanding. But I couldn’t come up with any other ideas. So, when the box of socks and underwear came, I was thinking of the old ones I could throw out (you know you are a grown up, when…).

Then it came to my last present. Mr. Serious and my parents were totally in cahoots together and got it for me. I was so surprised and so happy. I immediately swapped out my memory card and charged the battery so I could get some Christmas morning pictures. 

This is the very first picture I took of B with my new camera that I got for Christmas. Color me impressed! I could take a picture in my living room without a flash and it didn’t look like we were in a cave!

One of my first digital pictures

Back in college, I had my first digital camera. This was the last picture I took with it before it broke completely (thankfully, still under warranty so I got a replacement). Look how young and wrinkle free we were! 

My oldest digital picture

I recently came across my memory card from that very first camera. I think it was 8MB. Yes, megabytes. My current one is 32GB and probably the same price. So crazy how much more memory they can hold now. And, they are all SanDisk brand! 

Best Buy is the place to get a memory card to support safe storage for all of your devices. They will even help you figure out which card is right for you

SanDisk Memory at Best Buy SanDisk at Best BuySanDisk at Best Buy

Since I have been doing more videos it’s important that I can capture more fast action, record more in 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video that still transfers quickly to my computer (10X faster than ordinary cards at 80MB/s). And, they even work for smartphones, tablets with the SanDisk microSD™! They make reliable data storage with capacity options from 4GB to 200GB. SanDisk SD cards are also designed to meet the security, capacity, performance, and environmental requirements of next generation devices—because your stories span generations and your memory solutions should too

I had no idea that SanDisk also makes USB for iPhone and iPad that that allows for easy transfer between iPhone, iPad, and computers AND Frees up iPhone and iPad memory with both lightning and USB connectors. Not to be left out they also have a Dual USB for ANDROID devices which allows for easy transfer between Android™ device and computers AND Frees up space for photos, videos, music and more.

Do you remember your first or last digital picture capture? OR how about how much memory your first SD card had?

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  1. pat chance says:

    We sure did trick you. It was a great plan. I never knew the first photo of B was without a flash, that’s impressive. I am definitely glad we helped get camera for you are thoroughly enjoying the videos.

  2. That’s how I felt when I got a DSLR also. What is this aperture and how is it going to change my life! lol I haven’t used flash since I got it!

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