Removing google calendar notifications from shared calendars with apple iOS


With 6 people in our house, calendars are important. I check mine several times a day! And I tell the family, “if it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.” We all need to know what is going on in each other’s lives.

I know there are different apps you can use with so many people and sync them up. However, I’ve been a google girl since you had to have an invite to set up an account. This old dog isn’t interested in learning a new trick.

Using Google Calendar with Native iOS iCalendar

I started with an android phone which was incredibly easy to set up with google. Therefore, when when I switched to an iPhone, I knew I wanted to keep my google calendar. So, I use my google calendar with the native apple iOS calendar and sync between them.

My husband, our each of our teens and I have our own Google calendars. Mr. Serious and I view them on our iPhones. My oldest views her calendar on her Pinwheel phone’s google calendar and our next daughter on a computer.

We share these calendars with each other (to some capacity; kids to parents, but not parents to kids). We have ours where I can see all of the kids events right now. When they start working, etc, I will probably change that, but I’m their transportation, so I need to know about it. If their calendar is blocked for a certain time, it’s likely it needs to be blocked on mine as well.

Alerts from shared google calendar

As I added these calendars, I noticed I started getting alerts 30 minutes ahead of time for ALL of my husband’s calendar items. I don’t need to be where he is, I just keep the calendar to make sure I’m not double booking us. (This isn’t his work calendar, either, just outside of work stuff).

I don’t need alerts going off all the time!

So, when google failed me when I went searching to figure out how to see his calendar, without the alerts. (I even tried turning off his calendar on mine, and still got the alerts). When my search came up empty (one thing graduate school taught me was how to exhaustively search…and I thought I did a pretty good job), I went poking around to figure out how to stop the notifications.

Afterall, I do not need to be reminded every Sunday that he wants to take his blood pressure. 

How to remove google calendar notifications from shared calendars with apple iOS

Go into your apple calendar on your iPhone.

On the bottom in the middle, click on calendars.

Google calendar in apple ios image

Find the offending calendar (in my case, my husband’s) and click on the i with the circle.

google calendar in apple ios information

Scroll down and turn “event alerts” off. 

At the top right hit “done” and you should now longer be bothered by these pesky notifications you don’t want to see.

Voila! As my kids like to say “easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Well, maybe not the easiest, but it should just take a minute to get it done and save you all of those little popups!

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