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I had been asking B for a while if she wanted her hair cut. Her hair was getting long and was way more susceptible to tangles.

But, every time I asked, she told me “I’m growing it out. I like long hair.”

This week, she decided she wanted it cut into a bob. And asked me to do it. Again. Admittedly, I put it off for a bit, worried she’d regret it.

She asked again and got everything ready for my very non-professinal-I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing haircut.

We got her hair wet, snapped a before picture and got to work.

Mommy and me monday with B before haircut

It really was pretty long! I just realized that I didn’t even get the full length in the picture.

B before haircut from the back

All done and with a lot of length off, she feels much sassier and fresher. And hopefully, her hair is more manageable to brush.

Mommy and me monday with B after haircut

It was at this moment that we realized I needed to do a little cleanup of the back and that one long hair. I had her sit on her chair sideways so it wasn’t in the way and fixed those stragglers.

B after haircut from the back

One day, she likely won’t trust me or ask me to cut her hair.

What did you do this week?

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