A picnic


It’s no secret that our typical Thursday meal is at Chick-fil-A…after all, the kids eat free.  But, this passed Thursday, it was a little different.

Daddy was out at a fancy-schmancy restaurant and dinner for work and mommy didn’t feel like corralling the girls at “The Chick.”  So, to make it more enticing to get drive-thru and eat at home, I promised an indoor picnic.

It was a first for us and quite a hit.

Well, until the picnic blanket got a little ruffled.  Apparently, that is quite upsetting even when you have a giant spoon of ice cream.

an indoor picnic

Thankfully, she recovers quickly and was back to enjoying the picnic in a snap.

an indoor picnic

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  1. omg that picture cracks me up!! i was just talking with my real life bff earlier today about how quickly they can flip that switch! and you totally captured it!!

  2. Cute! When they get bigger maybe they will get a kick out of eating in the car. That seems to be the highlight of my kids day sometimes. sad…

  3. Hahah!!! My mom says that I was so OCD when I was a baby, especially about smoothing out blankets and stuff. WEIRD! A drama queen even….sigh. 🙂

  4. Ha! That is funny to me because my G is the same way. If something gets out of place he freaks! Love the floor picnic!! 🙂

  5. LOL! That is too funny. WHAT? Kids eat free on Thursdays? What else don’t I know?

  6. Now that is making me HUNGRY

  7. My kiddos love picnics on the floor. We usually do it on Friday nights as a special treat.

  8. I’ll file that little tid bit of info for future use…

    My parents had three kids in three years. Going “out” wasn’t an option so they used to take us to Sonic. We had a big van so they would order food and try to ignore the chaos behind them. They figured at least the other diners wouldn’t complain!

  9. My two absolutely love having a picnic for lunch or dinner. Sometimes there are tears too about little things but that’s typical for all kids I think. Glad they enjoyed it and recovered well!

  10. What a super cool idea for something fun. 🙂

  11. lol – we do indoor “picnic” meals quite often. the girls love it and it makes for a very fun lunch time!

  12. We do indoor picnics all the time! And my kids are the same way with the wrinkles. too funny!

  13. Hello stranger!! I saw a comment from you and was all “Where has she been?” and then I realized that you had updated your site name (maybe?) and google reader did not update it for me.
    I canNOT believe how big your youngest one is getting! She looks so much like your older daughter!
    Yay! I’m glad I found you again! I miss their smiling faces! 🙂

  14. I can’t wait to see them!!!!!!! I sure love my Blubs and Sampers.

  15. What a great idea, especially when it’s too hot to eat outdoors!

  16. I love me some chick-fil-a. Just reading that post makes me want to consider dumping our dinner plans & heading for the chick. Yummo! And your kids eat free every Thursday? I thought it was good that ours offered free breakfast every Monday!
    (BTW – did you know you can get a big ole’ plate of their nuggets for birthday parties & such? Super hit with all the kiddos & parents!)

  17. It has been so long since I lived near a chick-fil-a. I was unaware of this Wednesday thing. Cute indoor picnic.

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