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I have to give my girls’ teachers sooo much credit. I don’t even begin to understand how they kept them busy for 7 hours a day. They constantly want to do new things, messes scraps of paper and more. They are balls of energy and I’m feeling like I’m a) getting old and b) running out of ideas. It’s been downhill since that first day of summer. My girls need activities…not necessarily that I need to constantly entertain them, but when they are doing something they don’t get into trouble doing nothing. We were lucky to test out the BabbaCo, a monthly subscription box for kids ages 3-6.  It was delivered with my mail and filled with projects, activities, books, and more! Each box has a theme and includes the materials you need to create as well as the directions and pictures of how to do them! Babba Box BabbaCo A recent theme was Gratitude and the box was overflowing with all things “thanks!” Gratitude Box.png Once we opened the box, I had to quickly take pictures because the girls were all over it! One thing I would recommend is opening the box while your kids are out/away for a bit so you can look through everything and see what’s in there. Our box has a stars, moon and sky theme and in addition to some a “create a constellation” kit and “create a paper mache nightlight” kit, there was also a great story book. Things that were very easy to over look were the little papers. They had directions on them as well as how to receive a free phone app code via email, some coupons and other things. Definitely things that mom should read and take care of first.

BabbaCo   BabbaCo   BabbaCo
The girls were very excited about the solar paper and the star stickers. The placed the stickers on the paper (carefully and quickly to avoid exposure from the sunlight). BabbaCo Then, we placed the “starred” paper outside for a couple minutes and the whole thing turned white? Hmmm. Waiting We came back inside and peeled the stars off and there was blue there? We had a fun time explaining how the paper didn’t change where the stars were because the sun couldn’t get to it. Then, we placed the paper in water and it turned blue again. BabbaCo We allowed it to dry and the stars appeared white. BabbaCo They loved it and have been asking to do a “project” every day since. I’ve hesitated with the paper mache as I would like to have another adult present with all of that glue out and we’ve been on the go every weekend for weeks now, but I know they will really enjoy it. The binoculars were quite the hit, too. BabbaCo Box The boxes are a great way to incorporate new projects in your home as well as learn new things. You can purchase a box for $29.99/ month, but if you use coupon code RAYS20OFF, you get 20% off  BabbaCo Products. Not only is this a cool idea for yourself, but I think it would make a great gift from grandparents or alike as I know we are always struggling with birthday gift ideas. They also have an Annual Membership (that includes 2 Boxes FREE!) for $299.99/year and a Summer Survival Pack $89.97 for 1st 3 Months!

*We were provide the box to facilitate our review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

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