My grandma photo-bombed my pictures


N was sooo excited she caught her very first fish. Like soooooo excited. And, anybody that knows her can tell you she only has one volume; LOUD! And, she was even louder when she caught it. She was yelling and screaming and I heard her all the way inside.

I grabbed the camera from the desk and started snapping pictures (I wasn’t sure if they would hold onto the fish long enough to get down there).

She was jumping up and down here, and made her grandma (my mom) hold the line. She was scared!

Grandma photobomb

But, she convinced N to hold it (notice the lady in the hat aka “my grandma”)

Grandma photobomb

Yay, N is holding her fish (I knew I could zoom in later). But, grandma, what are you doing? Are you running?

Grandma photobomb

Alright, N, look at the camera and smile…..and, grandma has her “ta-da” pose on. Yep, she ran down the dock to get in the picture.

Grandma photobomb

And, that’s the story of my grandma photo-bombing my pictures!

Grandma photobomb

So, we made sure to get down on the dock and get a picture, too. Don’t worry, this was catch and release…s/he went back to his/her momma!

Grandma photobomb

P.S. Hi Grandma, I know you’ll see this. Hopefully, you’ll laugh…love you…thought it was too funny not to share!)

P.P.S. Yep, my grandma reads my blog. She doesn’t know how to send a text message on her phone, but she has an iPad:)

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    1. She caught so many more! Wish they would have been bigger so we could eat them!

  1. Katherine G says:

    I love these pictures!!! They are so cute!! Especially the one of your Grandma running.

  2. HAHA!!! I love your grandma…that is hysterical!

    And look at the smile on that baby’s face! That’s some good stuff right there…what a joy!

    1. Yeah, most people love her…at least the first couple times they meet her.

  3. that is all sorts of awesome friend!!

    way to go nat 🙂

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