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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  I know I never have good ideas when Mr. Serious asks me what I would like.  (Do you ever have good ideas?  Maybe you could help me.. or him.) 

If you are looking for something fun, useful and customize, check out Orange Cat Designs.

Orange Cat Designs is a fun, new custom boutique especially for custom photo handbags.  The store was created by Dana Andreasson, a photographer who couldn’t find the perfect handbag for herself or her clients.  She wanted cute, colorful, stylish and functional.  When everything she found didn’t quite fit what she was looking for, she created her own with Orange Cat Designs.

Each bag is handcrafted, pieced and sewn with personal attention to detail.  And, more importantly, they are hand washable.  I can’t think of another handbag I have that I can wash.

When you go to the site, you are immediately shown some adorable designs to give you ideas for your bag.  When you are ready, you start the design process.

1) Design your handbag: 

First you select your bag.  Then, depending on your bag, you have several different places for fabric choices.  And, there are SIXTY different choices of fabric for the front, the straps and even the inside.  You can also add your own monogram to the bag.

Here’s a screen shot of my design process.  Please click to enlarge.


2) Upload your photo.

The requirements for the photos are very easy to fulfill.  It needs to be at least 4×6 inches or 400 x 600 pixels.  And, it needs to be in black and white or converted to black and white.

3) Place your secure order.

The hardest part?  Waiting to see the final product.

It was totally worth it and arrived the day before my birthday!  I was so excited to see it, and my girls were so impressed with the fact that their picture was on it.


The design process was painless and easy.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted because there were so many options.  I decided on the Sophia bag because of it’s size and versatility.  I can use it as a purse, or a catch all bag when out with the family.  It has a ton of pocket on the inside and a magnet clasp closure.  Best of all, it has my two favorite girls on the front!  The stitching seems top-notch (I am no seamstress) and look great.  The fabric is soft and yet feels like it will really hold up to some abuse. 


The customer service was quick and speedy, too.  When I got impatient about my order (and really, I was quite impatient) Dana immediately emailed me with an update.

Improvements:  I can’t find anything I would change or add. 

For anybody looking for a fun, bright, and custom handbag (diaper bag, purse, satchel, or more), you should check out Orange Cat Designs.

Buy it:   If I didn’t already have my own bag, I would definitely ask for one.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while the bag might not arrive in time, Dana would be happy to send you a gift certificate for any orders placed over the weekend.  Send a link to Orange Cat Designs to your significant other, if yours is anything like mine, they will appreciate all the help they can get.  And, include this, too: Orange Cat Designs Discount: Use the code RAYS0015 for 15% off any order placed before May 7th!

Orange Cat Designs sent me this bag for the purpose of the review.  The opinions and feeling are totally my own and not compensated in any way.

Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious

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  1. I've totally been put in a bind with Mother's Day ideas…so I'm definitely going right this second to check this out! Hmm…what mommy should get it?!

  2. How cute is that!! What a great idea! Love the picture of your girls 🙂
    I left you something on my blog 🙂

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