We’ve binged and we need more


We cut the cable cord ages ago and haven’t looked back. Well, that’s not true. There were always mumblings of new shows out that people were watching. But, we didn’t have the right channel. So, last year, we signed up for Netflix and we’ve been streaming shows ever since.

Disclosure: Netflix provided me with a streaming device and service in order to facilitate this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. #StreamTeam

Mad Men

We started out with Mad Men. The ad agency on Madison Avenue, the men, “their” women, the families. After all of the seasons we grew attached to them. This it the only show we’ve binged on that hasn’t completely wrapped yet. We are trying to wait patiently and failing. Mad Men

Orange is the New Black

I went to Facebook looking for recommendations and received a ton of votes of Orange is the New Black. The good? They put out all of the shows for a season at once. The bad? They put out all of the shows at once. Commence the binging. Just one more episode. We couldn’t quit you OITNB. Original story lines and cheering for women in prison. What’s not to love? Orange is the new Black

House of Cards

Since we enjoyed OITNB, we moved on to House of Cards. Another Netflix original. Wow. It’s intense. Kevin Spacey is amazing! And, slightly messed up (slightly is not the right word!). I never saw things coming. And, I didn’t know who I was rooting for most of the time. Twisted. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It draws you in and keeps you guessing the whole time! House of Cards

Breaking Bad

I watched one episode last year. It was too intense and I don’t get grossed out easily. But, it won awards and my sister told me I had to keep trying. So, we watch it together. I realize this show has our moral compasses pointing in strange directions. I found myself cheering for the bad guys who were good guys, but then bad? I don’t even know who is good and bad. And then I don’t want people getting caught for doing bad things? Oh, and my sister asks me if that’s how they do it when it comes to cooking meth. Um, yeah, not what my chemistry degree taught me!

We have like 5 episodes left and then it’s all over!

Breaking Bad

We need suggestions. Maybe we need something good and wholesome because we’ve binged on some crazy and twisted shows!

What should we catch next on Netflix? 

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  1. Some of my favorite netflix shows are Scandal, Parenthood, Portlandia and 30 Rock but there are so many! I want to go back and watch Psych from the beginning at some point.

  2. We are watching Orange is the New Black right now and the others are on our list! If you’re still looking for recommendations, my husband and I liked The Hunger Games movies, Once Upon A Time, Scrubs, House, How I Met Your Mother… And I watch X Files and Law & Order by myself, my husband won’t watch them with me lol.

  3. oooh you hit all my best shows. OITNB, Breaking Bad, and my new favorites are Sleepy Hollow and The Following (with Kevin Bacon). It’s soooooo good. They are both dark but with humourous points. Since I’ve been in theatre and film so long, if it gets to be too much, i can easily ruin it by pointing out what they made the blood from, yadda yadda yadda. Drives Chase nuts!

  4. I’ve been without cable for a very, very long time. We have been netflixing for an equal amount of time. In fact, we signed up for netflix when it first came out as a mail DVD service. 🙂 Anyway… my sons love Netflix and I’m surprised by the amount of programs that they can learn from. Our most recent family tv time was watching Microcosmos which is an up close look at the world of tiny insects. It was so totally neat. There’s not much narration so we were free to talk and discuss, make our own “script” for the insects and just enjoy the visual content. It was amazing.

  5. Do you watch Scandal? I’ve heard that is really good. That might be one of my next picks.

    We watched BB too, INTENSE for sure!!

  6. I haven’t watched Mad Men, but probably should, or Breaking Bad, which I won’t because I lost my dad to lung cancer. LOVE Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

  7. I would love to cut the cable cord…but sadly because I need diversion tactics for the kids I don’t think we can. If my husband was home every afternoon and could take them outdoors so I could cook it might work. :/

    I’ve heard Dexter is a good one to get into…if you don’t mind gory.

    1. We totally use it as a diversion tactic! There are TONS of kid shows on Netflix. A lot of PBS shoes, My Little Ponies, and a lot of others!

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