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This is embarrassing to admit, but here it is.  I never remember when we last changed the filter on our furnace/AC.  I have no idea what my filter-versary is. I will randomly pass the aisle at the store and pick one up thinking “when was the last time I bought one of these bad boys?” I don’t remember to set a schedule or a reminder. Which really is silly with all of this technology laying around.

So, what happens is that we work our filters really hard! See, it’s disgusting!  I guess it’s good to see that they are working, but I’m not sure there’s supposed to be this much on them!

used home air filter

I recently partnered up with and learned about, a website where I can choose my filter, set my schedule, and they deliver my filter, all of which are made in the USA. I was intrigued. Sure, I could set up reminders to order my filters or buy them in the store. But let’s be real, I’ll get distracted and then it won’t happen.  With, I can set up my size and schedule and they show up when I need them and I can actually order multiple sizes, too. specializes in providing the highest quality residential and commercial air filters in a subscription service that makes receiving and changing your home filters simple.

new QualityAirFilters filter

Do you know your filter-versary?

You don’t know either, do you? It’s okay. We can be united on this! Depending on your pet and allergy situation, your filter-versary means you should change your filters every 1 to 3 months. Thankfully, when you sign up for they will remember your filter-versary so you don’t have to because they ship and delivery on your schedule.

And, with the pollen here about to start blooming (seriously…already? I know it’s coming), we’ve got to keep our air filter as clean as possible.

new QualityAirFilters filter

It’s amazing the easy changes you can make to help maintain a healthier home environment for everybody.

  • Try to avoid irritants that often trigger allergies, such as products made of feathers or down and instead use hypoallergenic pillows.
  • Limit exposure to perfume, talcum powder, hair spray, air fresheners, fabric softeners or other strong odors or sprays.
  • Keep the windows shut and use central air conditioning during high pollen seasons to help protect everybody from pollen particles that trees, grasses and weeds release into the air.
  • Give children washable, non-allergenic stuffed toys when possible, and be sure to wash the ones played with the most on a weekly basis, in hot water at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Change items that are easy to neglect but are important for maintaining a healthier home, such as leaky faucets, pipes and other high moisture areas that are common places for mold growth.
  • Change your filter every one to three months depending on conditions.

new QualityAirFilters filter

About’s Air Filters

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • All Filter Sizes Available (Including Custom Sizes)
  • They offer filtration grades of Merv 8, Merv 11 and Merv 13
  • Compatible with All AC brands and models
  • Comparable to Filtrete Filters

In addition to changing our filter as often as we remember (although, now we will remember when it arrives on our front porch), we try to use organic cleaners whenever possible.  And, we have allergy reducing covers on pillows and mattresses to keep all of the icky critters out.

What do you do to keep your home healthy and clean?

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  1. Great tips! I always leave the windows open when we are getting ready in the morning, and I frequently change the sheets. Coming from a Greek background, someone in my house is ALWAYS cleaning and dusting, too!

    1. You are lucky..if we open the windows here (which we do), the pollen inside our house is extra terrible..and then we need the filters even more!

  2. thank you for reminding me that our filters need to be changed.
    like you, i have NO IDEA when we last did it.
    whoops!!! 😉

    1. Isn’t that terrible? I think they say to change them at the season changes, but I think we need ours changed more often than that!

  3. Great tips! Now if i can only remember them….hopefully better than me remembering to actually change the filter. I mean i just bought one for my husband to put in…2 weeks ago. Hey…atleast I bought one! =)

    1. That one that I purchased sat in our living room for 2 weeks. I finally went up into the attic and changed it myself:)

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