Creative art without all the tape on my walls [with VIDEO]


For the past several Christmases and birthdays, the girls have received rolls of tape. Not because we are being cheap. Those girls use up ALL MY TAPE! So now, they have their own. (Of course, they still steal mine!)

What is the purpose of all of this tape?

Disney Imagicademy: Creative Arts

Displaying all of their wonderful artwork in my “dining room” aka their play room. I tried to fight it for a while, but they are so proud of it that I didn’t anymore. They run out of space, take things down, move them around and add more. I love watching it change. I even had a piece of artwork deemed the picture of the week!

Paper and markers still have their place, but it’s nice to have an app that can hold their artwork and creative pieces and also bring them to life!

Mickey's Magical Arts World Review

In Mickey’s Magical Arts World, children are invited to join Mickey and his friends in the most imaginative place around, as they explore a fully immersive world of creative arts. My girls had great fun creating their own characters. Those characters would appear in animated movies alongside beloved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie! I’m sure you can guess which one was created by a Serious daughter.

Disney Imagicademy: Creative Arts

While they experiment with line, shapes and texture in Mickey’s Drawing Studio; Explore storytelling, improvisation, costume design, character development and role play with Donald; Consider concepts of rhythm, tempo, patterns and melodies with Mickey’s Musical Marching Band; Experiment with symmetry, balance and proportion as they design buildings with Minnie; and play with oodles of virtual arts and crafts with Goofy!

Disney Imagicademy: Creative Arts

The girls (and I) had a great time in the drawing studio. In the video, you’ll see my learning how to draw a turtle. When I finished the step-by-step directions, my turtle came to life. As more things were done, additional things were unlocked. 

After the girls played in the different parts, I logged into the Disney Imagicademy Parents app to see the girls separate account’s progress. It has daily articles and Imagicademy-inspired activities to help spark creativity and encourage imaginative learning. Of course, I gave out some high five for them when they went back to the app. I’m a big high-fiver, so a virtual one is pretty awesome!

Disney Imagicademy is designed for families with children ages 3-8 an to encourage kids to learn by creating, making and doing. With interactive and connected early learning experiences, Disney has combined the characters we love with a research-driven curriculum developed with top academics and education experts. 

Head over to the app store and download the free Disney iPad apps as they are now available for free! (Mickey’s Magical Arts World and Disney Imagicademy Parents)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. pat chance says:

    I really like all your new videos on your blog. You really do a good job on them.

  2. What a cool new app! There is just so much artwork and I never know what to do with it.

  3. Looks like a fun app! Thanks for sharing it. My kids love drawing too!

  4. This is such a clever app. My kids LOVE being creative and I like how this Disney version allows so much personal space to create their own masterpiece!

  5. Hey thanks for sharing…seems my kids will love this a lot.They are so creative.

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