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Daddy Did Disneyland


It’s not yet Father’s Day, but sometimes daddy’s need acknowledgement. Because, they are pretty much rockstars! Just last month, Mr. Serious took our 7, 5 and 2 year old for pretty much the entire day to Disneyland…well, Adventure Land. He did it solo with a smile and armed with a backpack full of sunscreen and snacks and the knowledge that you can get free ice water at any counter service restaurant.

Daddy solo on the ferris wheel

This daddy is pretty awesome! He got them all to an amusement park and they had a good time. Yes, I’ve done similar, but it just takes a special daddy to take on that challenge. 

Daddy solo on the ferris wheel

The rode rides. Sent text updates and photo updates and even stopped and used our photo pass to get professional pictures.

Daddy solo at Cars Land Disney

Even professional pictures with everybody looking in the same direction!

Daddy solo at Cars Land Disney

Daddy solo at Cars Land Disney

Daddy solo at Cars Land Disney

Daddy solo at Cars Land Disney

I admit, that night, when he even got to hang out with just the older two girls in Cars Land, I was a little jealous.

Disneyland dad solo

I really wanted to see it all done up at night like it is in the movie. And, I wanted to spend some time with the oldest two on fun rides. But, I knew that they needed some time together to be big kids and that the youngest two needed some mommy time. Fortunately, I was able to later head back to ride Radiator Springs Racers with my girls two days later. 


I might not always be the best at telling the hubby thank you for all he does for us, but I’m doing it now! Thanks babe for all of the fun and support! Glad I could drag you along with us to Disneyland!

The girls are asking almost daily when we will go back to Disneyland. And, secretly, I’m wondering how we will make it possible again!

Disney provided discounted accommodations and park tickets and also provided the most magical experiences and perks. The DSMM sponsors provided product and helped make the magic happen. All opinions magical or otherwise are my own.


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  1. How have I not met him yet! August for sure! And thanks for the reminder, we had an awesome time in Disneyland!

    1. Yes, we must fix this immediately….okay, well in August! I think there will be a ton of opportunities!

  2. Way to go Mr. Serious! I don’t think I could hand just my 2! Great pictures:)

  3. Aww how lovely that’s awesome that he did that.Great pictures whenever we have pics taken someone is always looking the wrong way lol.

  4. This really hit home. My poor husband had no idea that he would be dragged to Disney World every year when he married me, but I actually think that we’ve been so many times now that he is starting to like it.

  5. Now he is a keeper 🙂
    Yes, I think that dad’s don’t get the same respect as moms do. They do so much for us.

  6. Papa Bear is the best! Looks like they all had a great time. Maybe we can all go to Disneyland in a few years when our Milkshake is older, and B is older. Eeeek how fun would that be?

  7. tee mccluskey says:

    Looks like you had a blast, I have NEVER been to Disney and I am 24 yrs old! and the Ant guy looks awesome!

  8. Your hubs did a great job!! I love that you are acknowledging him this way! So special!

    And yea, my youngest keeps asking when we are going back, too. I REALLY hope we get to go back next year!

  9. grandma pat says:

    Mr. Serious is a great dad. I have seen him in action. Way to go on taking all 3 for a day at Disneyland. Having tackled Disneyworld with you a year earlier I know the challenges you had.

  10. MAN! All faces to the camera every time! What a WIN! I am considering the photo pass for our next visit. It looks like you really got your money’s worth!

  11. Looks like a super day! We are heading to Disney (World though!) next month. Can’t wait for those memories!

  12. It’s so great to have a helpful husband. I have one too and it makes being a mom a lot easier.

  13. this is such an awesome post.
    so glad yall were able to go and have such a great time

  14. Go Daddy! You can’t have too many “wranglers” when you’re taking kids to Disney.

  15. Sounds like a fantastic daddy!
    Love all the pics! 🙂

  16. Dads can be pretty awesome like that. I remember my own husband going with 4 kids to Disney World. Well I was around for the ride but he did mostly everything and had a lot of fun doing it as well.

  17. Wow! What a fun trip! Your husband really is a rock star to be able to handle all of that. And dads/husbands often don’t get enough credit!

  18. My son is looking at this with me and now wants very much to go to Disneyland. I am ready to go myself!!

  19. Great time Dad and kids! I love it when my hubbys spends quality time with just him and the kids.

  20. That is so nice that dad got to go to Disney and seemingly had a blast! I am due a trip soon with the kids. Wishing him a happy father’s day!

  21. It looks like you all had a great time! I remember family outings and vacations when I was little. I was lucky to have a wonderful Dad!

  22. I’d love to visit Disneyland for two reasons, the park and the state. I’ve never been to California. 🙂

  23. What a beautiful family! I love the red hair! I plan on visiting Disney this summer with my family.

  24. What a guy to take the whole day and do it up with them. I’m seriously impressed with how he had all the photos taken too.

  25. Great photos! I’m so glad you all had so much fun!!

  26. This is a great place to spend time together! There are just many fun things to do and the quality of family bonding is exceptional impressive. I bet you had so much fun with your kids. 🙂

  27. Way to go dad! We are going in October and there is no way my husband would be able to handle the trip with our girls alone. He did a great job and the pics look wonderful!

  28. It seemns as if you gave your husband a great day to show him how much he is appreciated and allowed him to have fun with his family at the same time.

  29. super daddy!!

    seriously sooo much fun!!

  30. Looks like you had a great time with your family. I am so glad you and a fabulous time. We are wanting to go to Disneyland this summer.

  31. It looks like they had a great time! What a great Daddy! 🙂

  32. That’s a good Daddy right there- my husband used the excuse he couldn’t get off work for the trip I won, so I’m taking the kids alone, lol.

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