DIY custom license plates for a home drive-in movie


My friend Meghan and I had a lot of time to talk during the 3-day walk. We somehow got on laundry basket talk and how ours are broken because our kids like to sit in them and watch TV.


Why not embrace that and have some fun with it? We decided to get our girls and some friends together for a home drive-in movie experience with some crafting involved. And it was BYO(L)B style… bring your own laundry basket. The kids thought it was silly, but they were totally on board.

First order of business was to customize our “cars” for their drive-in movie.

We were sent some HP Social Media Snapshots available at Staples, which is 4×5 inch home photo printer paper with a restickable-sticky back. You can take a picture with a phone or tablet and using the HP Social Media App send the picture right to your printer and print. It takes seconds to get it all set up. We took a picture of the girls and then printed them for their custom license plates.

Check out how easy it was for us to print them out and get them ready for their craft!

Once the pictures were printed, the girls used popsicle sticks that we glued to fit the pictures as their license plate frame. I found some state stickers so they picked their state and then decorated with glitter paint, foam letters, stickers, pompoms and and any other craft goodies we had laying around.

Home Drive in movie experience with #stickapic

Crafting is serious business!

Home Drive in movie experience with #stickapic

While the girls were busy with their license plates, I cut out some black and white foam circles (and then blue when I ran out of black) to make tires for their cars. We used yellow plates for their headlights.

It took a little while for all of the glue to dry, but once it did, we removed the adhesive backing on the HP Social Media Snapshots and stuck them on the back of their “cars” along with some fun bumper stickers.

They thought it was funny at first, but they added some pillows and blankets and loved their cars. They stayed in them for the entire movie and chowed on some snacks.

There are so many uses for the HP Social Media Snapshots. We’ve got them on the walls as a quick and easy “gallery” that we can easily swap out. The girls have theirs up in their play room, too. They are fun, easy and quick and a great addition to a party because of the ease of use. Basically, you just need a printer with wireless connectivity and the app installed on a device on the same network! So much fun!

Here’s our project video recap:

Check out how to use the HP Snapshots app in this video I created:

What would you print with HP Social Media Snapshots?

*I was provided a party kit and some supplies to have this party. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. courtney hennagir says:

    What a fun,easy craft! I will definitely be doing this with the kids! Also,I love your tablecloth!

  2. Brenda Haines says:

    What a clever idea! My son will love this!

  3. Oh that is such a fun idea! We love to do the laundry baskets too! We have to make these custom license plates! Will be a fun craft!

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