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I’m always up for a good dare. Honestly, sometimes it’s keeping up with the dare/challenge that keeps me accountable and doing what I want to be doing. UnitedHealthcare is daring everybody to take a small step everyday to a healthier life. In doing so, there are some pretty sweet prizes including Visa gift cards, a gas grill, and Dick’s Sports Gift Card.

When you dare me to do something, I’m motivated. When you offer me a prize? I’m there with bells on. It’s not only easy to enter, I have won prizes from these dares. TWICE!

This month (through the end of May), there are three dare options:

1. Take a photo of you getting outdoors

This should be an easy one. We should all spend some time outdoors, right?

Dare to share and get outside

Because it’s good for you! And, you can win the grand prize, a char-broil 3 burner gas grill!

We dare you | Outside

2. Take our fitness quiz

Don’t want to share your pictures, that’s cool, too. Take a fitness quiz and in addition to the weekly $25 gift cards, you can win the grand prize of a $400 Visa gift card!

3. Play the “match the calorie burning activities” game

Keep your mind agile with the concentration game. The grand prize is a $400 Dick’s Sports gift card. That’s a lot of nice equipment you could purchase!

Head over to the accept the We Dare You challenge. You can enter one or all of them to win!

We Dare You To Share

Did you go enter? Which dare/dares did you accept? What are you looking forward to winning?

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