Down, down, down they went


Without embarrassing my kiddos too much (well, what the heck, they will be thoroughly embarrassed when they find out what a blog is), help is still required in the bathroom.

And, for some reason, when said help is required there are usually certain undergarments on the floor.

So, after doing the assistance, I see that there is a piece of toilet paper on the floor.

I ask for her to pick it up and throw it on the potty.  At the same time I flush.

In that same instance, instead of the hand with the paper holding it throwing in the direction of the potty, the hand holding the undergarments (with princesses on them) is doing the throwing.  Into.the.potty.

Did I mention that the flush was already initiated?

There seems to be an issue with the two of us and our timing.

Down, down, down they went.

Instantly, there were tears and yells and cries.  Why?  Because the “princess ones” were gone.

Thankfully, we recently had the toilet replaced with a beast.  One that allows you to flush dog food (you know the commercial).  So, there was no clogging or issues.

Our apologies to the city water treatment facility for our recent addition and increased work load from our house.

Next time, I’ll be sure to not cause any distractions while the toilet is flushing.



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  1. Oh no! Thank goodness you have a new toilet that could handle them! Although it would have been funny watching a plumber fishing for princess panties with his snake lol.

  2. Not the princess panties!!! I can just see this happening in my house, too. We’re not the most graceful of people.

    1. Nail on the head…Grace isn’t Izzy’s middle’s N’s:)

  3. Oh no! I can only imagine if Thomas went down the toliet how Will would feel!

  4. Oy… that totally sounds like something that would happen at our house. Except the undies would have bulldozers on them.

    And there would somehow be a toothbrush in the toilet too. Most likely mine.

    Sorry… I couldn’t help but laugh in empathy!

    1. Fortunately, it wasn’t a toothbrush any of us used.

      Have a laugh…we all did.

  5. not laughing. not laughing.

    totally something i would do though!!

  6. Awww the poor little darling! I know that if that were to happen to one of my girls, they’d be in tears for at least a day – maybe more. And they’d keep bringing it up for a least a couple of weeks. They’re that sensitive. I hope she’s over it by now and on to brighter things. 🙂

    1. Oh, she’s sensitive, but fortunately, she has a couple million other pairs to replace them.

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