Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

What is the favorite thing about your hubby? What attracted you to him?

For me, it’s definitely his smile! It just works for me. It sends my heart all a flutter!

(Stay with me…there’s a funny story coming.) And, I was contacted by a PR company to try out some Rembrandt whitening supplies. Perfect for the smile that’s been slightly stained by coffee and soda (or pop for you midwesterners).

We both tried out the Intense Stain and the Wintergreen Whitening. I liked the taste of the stain better, he liked the wintergreen (and usually I love the wintergreen). At this point, I can’t tell if the whitening has done anything yet, but we are still trying it. And, is it bad that I will ask hubby to try out the whitening strips for Valentine’s day, because that’s probably going to happen?

So, apparently, Rembrandt also makes K-Y. Yep, didn’t know that. So, I also got some K-Y Yours + Mine to try out. But, I’m not going to tell you about that here! Remember my no sex rule for blogging? I am going to tell you a funny (well, sort of funny story).

Last weekend, I went out with some blogger friends for Mexican. We were talking about the world of blogging. I had mentioned my sample pack that I received from the lovely people at Rembrandt; including K-Y yours+ mine. Well, you can imagine with 6 women at the table, this might not have been the best thing to bring up. We got a little rowdy (and, yes it was past 8pm). Well, we got in trouble. Apparently the people sitting behind us had a little boy with them, and maybe we were too loud. So, the dad came over after their meal, while they were leaving to reprimand us (and the boy was 9 he told us).

We felt bad. He told us he heard everything. And, almost all of us were moms, so we understood. But, then we got to thinking. What would we have done? We all said that we likely would not have had our kid out that late (if you do, don’t take offense, that’s just what we all said), and we also said we would have gone over immediately to tell the women that we could hear them (we honestly didn’t know they could hear us, or that they had a kid with them).

So, take home message? Rembrandt whitening and stain removing toothpaste taste yummy and they are long lasting. And, you shouldn’t talk about K-Y when you are out to dinner…no matter what:)

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  1. I think I would have told you guys you were too loud. But, as you said, I would not have my children out that late. We are in bed my 7-7:30 (they are 4 and 3).

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. You gave me an early morning giggle…”what’s your favorite thing on your hubby.”

  3. haha!
    the dad was probably enjoying the conversation and didn’t want it to stop. what an idiot. oh well, glad that it didn’t offend you guys.

  4. That guy was probably enjoying the conversations and his wife probably made him do it!

    My favorite thing about my hubby is his hair and his sense of humor. Happy V-Day! : )

  5. That is too funny! And I’m with you…my kids wouldn’t have been out that late and if they had, I would have gone over to the people right away. What did you say to the guy?

  6. First thing that I noticed about Sidnei was his smile 🙂 He has a great smile! But my favorite thing about him is his optimistic attitude. He is upbeat more often than that and laughs every day!

    Oh my…gotta hate that. But I agree, if I could hear things that I didn’t think my child could be hearing, I think I would definetely say something when it happened and not after we listened to the entire conversation. Though fairly, I have no kids…but still…ahhh well

    Does the whitening make your teeth more sensitive or have you noticed? That is what I really worry about with my teeth and using the whitening…

  7. I agree that they should have come over immediately to ask you guys to quiet down. If they had the guts to do it before they left, why didn’t they have the guts to stop y’all before their kid heard EVERYthing?!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it (not that you are), it’s partially their fault too.

  8. Very funny! And I completely agree that a) I wouldn’t have my child out that late and b) if I overheard some inappropriate chatter I would have immediately gone and said something. Glad you gals had fun! Thats so cool that you get together with bloggin friends. 🙂

    Have a LOVEly v-day!! 🙂

  9. To be Honest…I have been in places with my kids and have Heard the things..esp the F BOMB dropped and well we are located between to Military Installations…Honestly I have never said anything…NOT even to the lady changing a POOH Diaper in public…which Ithink is far worse that K Y jelly talk!

    so we were at the mall and this guy had a NAKED WOMAN INKED all down his LEG…YES she had pubic hair and boobs…MY SON says HEY that is a cool drawing on his leg…she has boobs! It is life and they will see and hear stuff….

    I told him yeah that was a cool drawing and it takes a real artist that goes TO SCHOOL to do that…LOL LOL See through school in every chance even in a situation like that! Educate! LOL

    so the Nine year old had a little sex education…MY BAD!

  10. haha…thanks for the good take home messages! 😉

  11. blueviolet says:

    That’s too funny! There is so much being said out there now that is far worse than what you were probably saying though!

  12. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    aww, just one of those times you shrug and say ‘Sorry’ and let it go.

    As for hubs and what I find attractive? He is just hot, and it was the best feeling the other day when I surprised him at the train and caught him walking up, unknowing I was there and I thought to myself ‘My GOD he is handsome!’ That is the best.

  13. Sparkette says:

    Girls gotta have fun. If someone was bothered by it they should have said somethin…oh well at least you guys had fun!

  14. Oh Krystyn! I love it. I probably would have laughed while being reprimanded (if alcohol was involved). So what’s diff with this K-Y – is it like the warming one? I want to volunteer to test out these products 😉 Haha!

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