The first day back


The first day back is over and done. Of course it is bittersweet.

It’s nice having a job and adult interaction (at least during pre-planning) and catching up with old friends.

What isn’t so fun?
-Leaving my girls at daycare (at least only one was crying when I left).
-Coming back to my room and discovering that my desk and all of my student desks have been moved (including some on top of lab benches).
-The pomp and circumstance of returning to a new school year.
-The meetings.
-Missing the heck out of my girls.
-The girls missing each other. #2 totally lit up this afternoon when she saw #1. It melts my heart.

The winner for the best presentation today: “Teach, Don’t Touch!”

Yeah, you don’t even have to tell me that one!

Another day of fun-filled meetings awaits me tomorrow. Any guesses for fun topics?


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  1. Teach, don't touch…it's crazy they have to meet with the staff about that. Nat does light up when she sees Iz. When I watched them that night and she got sleepy, just seeing Iz would make her stop crying. I sure do miss them. Have fun tomorrow….my guess for a topic: Dress Code and Not Showing the 'Line'….the cleavage line.

  2. I don't envy you for the meetings or having to leave your girls for the day. But I know it must feel good to get back into the swing of what you love doing. 🙂

  3. That would kill me to leave my kids all day! That's so sweet that N lit up when she saw her little sis!

  4. Teach, don't touch!? I'm not ever sure what to make of that one!
    Who was crying? So sweet that they were happy to see each other. I hope y'all get back in the groove quickly.

  5. Teach, don't touch? Okay. Did you manage to keep a straight face during that one?

  6. Glad you had a good first day back!
    Why do N and Izzy not see one another at daycare? Are they in different classes?

  7. Oh lucky you, first day back, mine is next Wed. I'm pretending it's not happening just yet. How about this topic for your learning for your teaching staff: cover yourself up, you don't work at a bar you're a professional 🙂

    (for all those in education who feel the need to let it all hang out while working with teenagers, I will never understand those people)

  8. Teach don't touch. Who comes up with this stuff.

    Glad that your frist day back was ok. I'm sure the girls are missing you just as much.

  9. I bet that look on N's face was priceless. Aww…
    And Teach, don't Touch? Funny, but very sad that that's what our world has come to.

  10. I can only imagine NCLB, boring school related procedures, and special education interventions will be on tap for today..

  11. Glad you survived the first day back! ..and Teach don't Touch? What is this world coming too!

  12. YIKES on that topic! It's sad that schools have to teach something like that to the teachers. Anyway, are you and Matt going to come to the class reunion? I honestly haven't decided and I don't really have an excuse since I'm living in Houston. Just wanted to see if anyone I knew was actually going.

  13. "Teach, Don't Touch" kinda breaks my heart. I assume it means you cannot touch your students, right?

    I don't know what I would have done without some of the hugs and back pats I got from my teachers. Please tell me you can at least pat them on the back?

    Hope you all adjust well back into your routine…

  14. It's sad that the world we live in today requires teachers to take a class on "Teach, Don't Touch." Breaks my heart. Maybe things will go back to the way they were by the time our kids our in High School?

    I think it's absolutely adorable that your two girls missed one another (and their mom of course!).

  15. gotta love teacher training 🙂

    miss you friend and hope day two was just as "fun"!

  16. My days are so numbered too…..I'm not looking forward to it!
    But to cheer you up, I picked your name to win a little something from the photo captions………
    There weren't too many entries so I just put the names in a hat and picked one!

  17. i am sure you are missing them!! you are such a great mom, and i know that teaching is the toughest job. good luck with the beginning of the year, it can totally wear you out!!

  18. Praise the Lord that school hasn't started for me! I think I'd die. It's so sweet that Nat and Iz missed each other! I can't think of any fun topics, but I'm sure there will be a discipline meeting one day because our teachers here complain about those the most. There will probably be a meeting about creative teaching techniques one day too…just my guesses!

    Love, Mere

  19. back to school already?

    NOOOOOOOO! Ugh. Yuck.


  20. Where did the summer go??

    And teach…don't touch?! Yikes–isn't it sad how they actually have to tell some people that?

    My heart melted when you said how Izzy's face lit up when she saw N…so sweet!

  21. I can only imagine how hard it was to go back. I'm glad you enjoyed your summer though. Now I'm sure we'll be getting some amusing high schooler stories 😉

  22. Oh the joys of starting a new school year. All the "…and this year we will…." At least your first couple of days are done with! Hope you have something to doodle on during those meetings to keep you awake!!

  23. It's just so hard to believe so many people are starting back to school already!

  24. bittersweet indeed! At least you get the summers though right 🙂
    Big Hugs!!

  25. I've seldom thought of Back to School from the teacher's perspective. I hope your routine gets easier!

  26. oh i definitely remember all the craziness and meetings at the beginning of the year! so sweet that your girls missed each other, and who was the one crying… was that you, haha! =)

  27. Oh how I hated the meetings at the beginning of the year. Seriously, could they just leave us alone to actually get some work done! Ugh I was always so frustrated!! But touch don't teach, yeah, that one is bad!

    Each day will get easier. I hated dropping them off crying then, but I am sure that it will get better.

    Hugs to you and your adorable family!

  28. This is a really sweet post. I'm sure that your daughters missed you so much also. But, the 'teach, don't touch'? woah…I agree that is really kind of frustrating. Although I know that is for the good of everyone, I just can't imagine the classroom setting. But anyway, I just hope for the best. Good luck. Keep on posting.

  29. I didn't realize that you had to go back so soon, augh. It sounds like your girls are going to make it through – with an even stronger bond.

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