IRL First Date


So, we took the plunge and decided to meet up.

It’s our first date.

I haven’t been on a first date in over a decade (and I’m really not that old).

And, now…the day is here. The bloggers will meet.

Mrs. Newlywed and I are going for Mexican food and margaritas. We’ve been talking about it since before #2 was born and promised we would meet up.

I’m so nervous.

I blow dried my hair, I put on make-up, I even shaved my legs…what am I forgetting?

Oh, what to wear? Maternity clothes are too big. Regular clothes make me look like a sausage. Now, I have to go shopping. You see Mrs. Newlywed is all about preppy. She puts up pictures of all pretty clothes, outfits, and shoes she has. I could put up pictures of my clothes covered in spit up and peanut butter finger prints.

What do we do the first time we see each other? Do we hug? Do we shake hands? Do we do the head-nod thing (gee, I hope not)?

What if I laugh so hard I spit out some food? Will she still think as much of me?

What if I have a huge piece of cilantro stuck on my front tooth? Will she tell me?

What to talk about? I’ve been home with a baby for 4 weeks? Will she get sick of hearing about my kids? And if I don’t talk about my kids, will I talk about my other kids (my students)?

Are you nervous now, Mrs. Newlywed? Are you going to back out?

Really, I think we will hit it off swimmingly and have a great time. I’m really excited about my first IRL meet up! I’ll be sure to report back how it goes!

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  1. Oooh, have fun! You’re brave, too! There’s no one in my neck of the woods who reads my blog that I don’t know already. A new friend, how exciting!

  2. oh you girls are going to have such a great time!!

    can’t wait for the pictures and all the fun stories 🙂

  3. You two are going to have a blast!

    I cannot wait to hear all about it!!

  4. Hoe exciting!! Margaritas, blog friends, and mexican food…what a date!!
    Cant wait to hear all about it!!

  5. have fun and drink one for me as i sit here with unshaved legs, pjs, unwashed hair, no makeup, spit-up stained clothes, a newborn and a two year old crazy person.
    i’m not breastfeeding anymore so when i can peel myself out of these terrible pj’s i many go out for MANY drinks… but i will NOT shave my legs. i’m on strike.

  6. says:

    I love bloggy meet ups. Just be yourself and when in doubt, consume more booze.

  7. How exciting! I think you’ll be hugging when you meet. It just happens that way. You feel like you KNOW the person! : )

  8. Cute. A night out. You deserve it!!!

    Have a blast in real life. That was the title of my post today, “In real life.”

  9. I always get nervous when I hang out with someone I haven’t met/don’t know to well. The secret, ask a million questions about her until she has nothing else to say then she will most likely ask a million questions about you! Its a vicious but fun cycle. The more random the question the better. Like, do you like PB and J?

  10. Mrs de Miranda says:

    Oh! Im excited for you!! You guys are going to have such a good time!! And I am jealous that you are eating Mexican. I want Mexican!!

  11. I am over from Mrs. Newlywed’s blog!! 🙂 I hope yall have a blast!! I will be visiting your blog more often. After all, I am a fellow Georgian!! 🙂

  12. Oh, how exciting! Good luck! I bet you’ll have a blast. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    I think I’m due for one of these meet ups. It’s my turn!!

  13. Helga-Marie says:

    so…how was your date???

  14. I’m jealous!! I so want to meet a blogger IRL someday… especially for Margaritas! lol I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

    I left you something on my blog, so check it out when you get a chance 🙂

  15. Love meeting up with blog friends! I have a date with a few of mine again on Friday for Twilight – yay!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your date – I’m sure you look fabulous!

  16. Sounds like exciting and scary all at the same time. Can’t wait to hear more about it. I hope you had a great time.

  17. OOO How FUN! FUN FUN….so next you get to meet me…right? I hope you have so much fun!!!

  18. haha I’m cracking up – I just saw this today (thanks a lot bloglines!!) I’m sur eyou had a blast! I cant wait to hear your report!! 🙂

  19. I hope you had a blast! It’s so cool to actually meet bloggy friends in real life!

  20. what a fun night out and new clothes too! so fun! let us know how it goes, and i would definitely hug, i am a hugger:)

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