Soliciting Advice (In the blog world, that’s like opening a can of worms)


You would think after three kids I would really have things down.

Yeah, not so much.

I did finally figure out how to put on the Moby Wrap to get my kid to sleep. But that was after over an hour of being inconsolable.

moby wrap nap

I tried everything. Nursing her. Rocking her. The 5 S’s. Swaddling her. Laying her in her crib and leaving her alone. Nothing worked. She finally gave in when I put her in the wrap and paced around her room. I even got in some squats, lunges and calf raises once she calmed down.

And, while I like the extra cuddle time, I also like that I can lay her down to sleep at night as an option. Most importantly, I want her to not be in pain.

But, honestly, the night isn’t even the problem. I’ve got to figure out why she’s gassy and her tummy hurts. Almost every she nurses, following that is a scream-fest. I know she’s getting what she needs because she’s putting on weight just fine. But, the screaming and the obvious pain she’s in.

So help a mama (and baby out). I’ve already cut out all dairy from my diet (but, I really wanted to keep the Greek yogurt…it’s my only source of calcium that I enjoy). I’m also trying to avoid tomato products and I recently cut out oranges (and Mr. Serious is peeling one right now, and I’m salivating..thanks, Babe!). I don’t know what else to cut out. I want to be able to eat some foods! How do I figure out what the issue is?

I wish there was a magic pill I could take that would just make my milk non-toxic to her. I want her to be able to nurse, and then just relax and have that milk drunk face, not be screaming and thrashing her legs in pain. And, I’d rather not give her prescription reflux medicine if possible.

Help me have that chill baby that eats and then smiles at me!

*Contains an affiliate link. If you purchase through that link, I get a penny or two.

*FCC: I bought my Moby Wrap with my own hard earned money. And have almost sold it on several occasions.

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  1. A friend of mine went through something similar, wan me to connect you?

    1. Yes, please! Hubby suggested looking online, and I told him I wanted somebody with experience…gas drops do nothing for her!

      Thank you!

      1. Just messaged her, hopefully she pops by on here and helps ya out.

  2. Have you tried the gas drops before she eats and after? It works for my crazy tummy…but not every time. Maybe there is something organic that can calm her tummy before she even eats and keep it calm. I bet there is.

    1. Yes, I’ve done the pre and post feeding gas drops…no luck!

  3. Are you familiar with Gripe Water? My family has used it for years and it’s perfect for relieving gas and calming the baby. I get it from the African stores, but they also carry it now at CVS.

    1. Yes, actually I’ve done Gripe Water, too (I forgot to mention that)…I didn’t notice a difference with it, either, but maybe I need to keep trying it. It worked with our second daughter, but number three’s stomach seems to be even more stubborn!

  4. Both my kids were like that, you’re definitely not alone. Have you tried cutting out eggs? My first was sensitive to dairy and soy but he outgrew it so I’m glad i gave them up. I’m vegetarian though so it was challenging. My second, currently 3 months old is sensitive to dairy, particularly butter, eggs, chocolate and something in baked goods – probably the butter. There are elimination diets – if you don’t figure it out on your own but remember it can take a few days to clear your system of the offending food. I too miss my greek yogurt (ate it by the tub while preggo) but I don’t miss the miserable baby screams. BTW, a great protein to try is Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage. It’s vegetarian and has 25 grams of protein per sausage. I eat one for lunch every day.

    Good luck!!

    1. BTW My comment about the yogurt wasn’t meant to sound so judgmental, I feel your pain. I just want to make my family a simple brinner (eggs+) then have a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. This little guy even gets fussy about those killer Food Should Taste Good chips. I’m losing weight though, that’s nice I guess.

      1. I didn’t take it as such:) But, I also haven’t been eating it.

        Eggs…that’s interesting. Granted, I don’t eat them plain, so it would only be them *in* cooked things (like bread, maybe)?

        I think chocolate might be it, too..I had quite a bit one day (it’s like I’m craving the fats!)…but no more of that. Butter…shoot, forgot that’s dairy.

        Last night for dinner and lunch today I had chicken breast, rice and peas (I didn’t actually read about the elimination diet, but I had an idea), and it went better. Then I did oatmeal for breakfast.

        I hope it’s not fruits, because I’ve been craving it like crazy. I hope my body wouldn’t wrong me like that!

        1. My body is completely wronging me. I crave junk constantly but if I give in, it gets ugly.

          The eggs made my guy smell horrible!! His poop was black and he passed gas like a 90 year old man on an all bean diet – something unexpected out of a 2 week old. I cut the whole eggs and we’re fine. I can have them in stuff but not a lot. The butter is a huge offender though. He’s ok with caffeine but not good quality chocolate. I miss cheese (sniff sniff).

          The biggest offenders are proteins so fruit is doubtful. Hang in there!

          1. Oh, another thing – unless you don’t like coconut, try the Silk brand Coconut Milk. I recently bought the vanilla flavored stuff and it’s awesome tasting and has 50% more calcium than cow’s milk (and no fussy baby proteins). Don’t confuse this with anything in a can, it is sold in a half gallon carton.

            1. Is this actually coconut milk, or is it coconut flavored soy milk?

              I’ve heard soy can cause some babies problems, too!

  5. I was going to suggest eggs as well. I have a friend who had to eliminate them and dairy so her child could continue to nurse. Hang in there, hope you can figure it out soon! xo

    1. I’ve tried to cut eggs, too, but dang it dairy and eggs are in EVERYTHING. It’s so hard.

  6. Lexi Conklin says:

    im sorry i dont have much advice to give you, but i wish you the best and stick with it mama!

  7. grandma Pat says:

    Look up the benefits of peppermint oil. It is supposed to sooth the stomach. It might help.

  8. All three of my children were lactose intolerant so when I was breast feeding I had to cut out all dairy. It worked for two of the three but my first had to eventually be put on special formula and after two days on it he was a brand new baby. The only thing I can suggest is keep calm you can only do so much and also have you considered going gluten free to see if that is what is contributing to the gas. Good luck 🙂

    1. I haven’t tried gluten free, too. I wonder what I’d be able to eat if I cut dairy, eggs and gluten! Yikes.

      I’m trying to avoid formula, too, so hopefully, I’ll figure it out, or her tummy will mature.

  9. That’s so tough! Have you tried cutting out caffeine? I have heard that sometimes helps. Also, my friend put her baby on probiotics and that really seemed to help his tummy out. She did it right from 3 weeks old, just found a brand that was suitable for infants.

    1. I actually don’t do caffeine, so I know it’s not that (although a good suggestion)…it makes me too jittery.

      I try to do the probiotics when I remember…it’s just tough because nursing is supposed to be easy, and if I have to bring all of this stuff with me, it’s not as easy:(

  10. dude i have no clue. sorry i don’t have any wise words. hoping something someone says here makes it all better. here’s to milk drunk and happy very soon!

  11. Glad to see that some other people have ideas for you because I’ve got nothing! So sorry to hear this has been a problem for you, no fun at all! Thankfully this was one of the few troubles I didn’t have nursing my kids. Hope you can figure out what the Big Offender thing is soon and plan your meals around it accordingly!

  12. im glad to hear the moby wrap worked! i just bought one and i def want to make sure i try it now!

    1. Yes, watch the videos on youtube..and remember it’s stretchy so once you put your babe into it, you might have to pull it in certain directions to get it to open up.

  13. Lily Ivey says:

    My first was just like this and it never occured to me that it could be my diet. She did finally outgrow her tummy issues at about 3 months, but that was also when we started taking her to a chiropractor for regular adjustments. It worked wonders. Something to consider.

    1. That’s one thing I’ve considered, but I can only go so many times a year with insurance, and then it gets super pricey…hmmmm.

      1. Lily Ivey says:

        Oh, I understand! We have a sizable deductible so we pay out of pocket for adjustments. We go once a month. That’s all we can afford. 🙁

        1. Fortunately, with the baby being born this year, we’ve met our deductible..but it still adds up!

  14. I heard a lot of people say they tried Gripe Water and it worked. I like using herbs for everything and I so I told my daughter to ask her doctor about giving her baby peppermint water, because I know it helps adults… I was wondering if you eating or drinking peppermint in some form might help the baby? I wouldn’t do it without asking the doctor, but I think it would be worth checking into. Be sure and ask the Doc first because im not sure about eating peppermint while breast feeding, it was just a thought…

    1. That’s what I’ve been using lately. I forgot I had some that I received in a sample box and it seems to make a difference.

        1. I am so glad you found that the gripe water helps..

  15. I am here to just offer hugs and support Krystyn. I am soooo sorry. I’ve heard other moms go through this same thing, and for them, the wrap is their only solution. Babies DO grow out of it, but for these months the baby wrap is it. Here is some info from Dr. Sears….but for now I just wish I could come over and wear your baby so you could get a break 🙂

    1. Thanks, Annie! It seems that I just make gassy kids!

      They have very sensitive tummies, just like me!

  16. Oh my sister had the exact same problem with her babe. The problem was indeed dairy. Dairy in disguise. Not just the obvious milk, and cheese, but the hidden dairy in some pastas and even cake mixes. She cut it ALL out and about 2 weeks later…after it worked it’s way out of her system and his…magic. No more tummy trouble. Best of luck hon!

    1. Oh my, pastas, to? I guess I’d better read the labels more carefully! It’s so hard to avoid dairy (and this is coming from somebody that already tries to avoid dairy!).

  17. Sounds exactly like my 7 month old! I tried everything. Cutting out dairy, caffeine, leafy greens, giving him gripe water, mylicon. Nothing worked. We finally put him on reflux meds starting with he mildest but it wasnt until we moved up to prilosec that we actually saw any difference. And even then it wasnt completely better. We tried colic calm once-which you can buy at cvs- it seemed to help but jack but it turns their poop black and stained one of his outfits so I didn’t try it again. He also ended up outgrowing the colic and reflux a couple weeks later. It seemed like it was overnight- around 6 months old. We spent lots of time walking him, holding him upright for an hour after meals, and wearing him in the baby bjorn and moby. Hope you find something that works! Lots of ppl seen to swear by different things so try then all!

    1. Yep, the wearing sure seems to help. We’ve had some luck as of late with Gripe Water, but it’s hard to remember it for every feeding!

  18. Clay was just like this and I think we have finally gotten past it with Gripe Water. I give it to him 10 mins before every feeding. that seems to help the most. if I forget I can tell a difference. Since starting that I have not had to cut out any foods from my diet. I worked with my lactation consultant about cutting foods & she made an interesting point to me about it….she said in other countries that exclusively breast feed they don’t cut foods. Like in India they don’t cut spices or Mexico they don’t cut beans or salsa because it’s their way of life. Their babies get use to it. She said through all her research, and it seems she has done ALOT, that the US is the only country that cuts foods for sensitivity. Anyway, sorry to ramble it was just an interesting to me!

    Oh & don’t get ANY of the gripe water from Wal-mart or Target or Cvs the brands they carry add fillers. Only get it from Whole Foods or any health food store.

    1. This really made me think…but I can’t get myself to add the dairy back in. But, it really is the smartest are right, nobody else tires this hard, right?

      I got some good organic stuff..I don’t think it’s the watered down stuff. It seems to be helping.

  19. baby massage? look up the “i love you” rub? Also, are you drinking caffeine? My E wouldn’t handle any at all….good luck!

    1. I’ll definitely look that up. I have massaged her belly and sometimes that helps.

      And, nope, no caffeine…it makes me too jittery so I don’t drink it.

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