Homemade creamsicle ice pops


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Some time over the past couple months, B has become my super picky eater. To the point of pulling out a tiny piece of basil from her favorite soup, handing it to me and telling me “I don’t like green things.” It’s almost microscopic. Combine that with the fact that she won’t drink a lot of things like milk (unless it’s in frozen form or yogurt form), we know why she’s on the smaller side. So, I have to find ways to get her nutrients in a little bit more sneaky manner (I still get them to her in a non-sneaky manner so she experiences them, but it’s not always easy).

Homemade creamsicles

One way I do this is with smoothies or ice pops. She steals my morning smoothies and can always be counted on to eat a frozen concoction. I can combine them with things like PediaSure Sidekicks that I was able to pick up in the baby section at Walmart to help ensure my picky eater is getting the nutrients she needs in a way that I know she will consume them!

PediaSure Sidekicks are shakes that are great for on-the-go, but for us, it’s perfect that we can can also be served as part of a meal. It’s easy to create fun recipes for your picky eaters by subbing PediaSure Sidekicks where milk or water would be in the recipe like smoothies, pancakes, muffins or ice pops.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker, WhiteZoku Quick Pop Maker, White

The Zoku makes popsicles a breeze and in a few minutes. You keep it in your freezer and pull it out when you are ready to make ice pops. Usually you can make at least 6 at a time and they are almost instantly ready to enjoy.

Using an instant quick pop maker, I was able to create a yummy creamsicle with a hard orange outside and a creamy middle inside using cold-pressed orange juice and PediaSure Sidekicks.

homemade creamsicle pops

It was nice that my 7 year old wanted to help out in the kitchen, so we could make things happen even faster. She poured the orange juice into the frozen molds.

Homemade creamsicles

Once we determined they were starting to freeze (just a few minutes), I used a plastic pipette (or you could use a straw) to suck out the juice in the middle that was not yet frozen. Then, we poured the PediaSure Sidekicks into the middle to make the creamy insides. (You could also do this with traditional molds. You just have to keep an eye on them and watch for the outsides freezing). In a matter of a few minutes, we had delicious, homemade creamsicle ice pops with an added nutrient boost.

Homemade creamsicles

(It turns out, it’s quite hard to capture the white insides when you slightly overfill them, but you can see them on the edge of B’s pop that she’s taken a bite out of.)

The creamsicles were devoured and they were none the wiser about the added nutrients.

homemade creamsicle pops with pediasure

I want to experiment even more and try out some fun berry blends for the outsides for next time. But, these definitely take me back to the pops I used to get as a treat in elementary school…of course those weren’t filled with nutrients like these.

When you head to Walmart to grab some PediaSure Sidekicks, make sure you use the Ibotta deal or bundle offer to save some money, too!

Homemade creamsicles

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  1. Betsy Barnes says:

    These look so refreshing! I love how fast and easy! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Marie says:

    Yum, my sons would love these too!

  3. Pat Chance says:

    the quick creamsicle maker is very cool. Great idea on the pediasure middle

  4. Our popsicle mold chipped badly when we moved, and I haven’t replaced it. I need a good one like this!

  5. I just tweeted this, so I will not lose it. I wanna try it but I don’t have the mold thing. My husband loves creamsicles but I don’t think I could give him pediasure LOL

  6. The kids would so love these and I think I will too we have to make these next summer.

  7. I love making popsicles, and got a Zoku! I haven’t used it yet, it sounds fussy, but I’m excited to try it. Great way to get nutritious snacks!

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