Houston with E


My first time flying solo with a kiddo. I think we did pretty well. And, I even got several compliments on how well prepared I was and how well behaved she was from several flight attendants. One of whom told me that he was once asked if they sold diapers on the plane. Wow!

So, here’s a little photo recap. I really didn’t take many pictures. Just enjoyed the quiet when she napped and enjoyed the family.

Houston collage

Looking out the window at the airplanes in the ATL. ~ Eating a lollipop on the plane. Yep, I did it. She loved it. Bought us about 5 minutes. ~ Eating lunch at Aunt Emily’s in a big chair (waiting on grandma to bring the high chair). ~ Supposed to be taking a nap. Instead? Playing with a wire hanger she found. I rescued her when she put it around her neck. ~ A photo op with Aunt Emily before her shower. ~ All the fam in town. ~ She wants to play with ALL the balloons. ~ And chase the animals with them, too. ~ I finally got my blue bubblegum shaved ice. It was pretty good. I wish they sold them here. Bummed I didn’t get any Tex-Mex, so that will have to happen on another trip.

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  1. Shaved ice sounds so good! Seriously, someone asked for a diaper? That is like my worst fear. I am over prepared for those moments!

    It looks like you two had a great time together!

  2. Traveling with little ones is a challenge! The first time I traveled solo was when my daughter was 3 months old and my son was 21 months. It was a challenge but we had a blast! I would do it anytime again (but with three it will be even a bit more!)

    She is so cute!

    1. Yeah, I only had one solo…I can’t imagine two under two! You are brave:)

  3. Glad she did so well. We flew a lot A.J.’s first year since he was free 😉
    I prefer to fly with my husband though so we can both coral him and keep him happy.

    1. Yes, a 2-on-1 ratio is nice. Plus, if you have to use the restroom, you can do it without a kiddo on your lap!

  4. I have travleled in the cars with mines but never on the plane we will get to that mines are a bit older so I hope we will be okay

    1. Yes, the older ones are much easier…they listen and can be reasoned with!

  5. EEK!!! You are brave! I’ve never flown with my kids never mind by myself!

    1. It went better than expected…so, it’s probably good I had low expectations:)

    1. It had been almost two years since my last trip on a plane. Mostly we drive everywhere now.

  6. Oh man. I’d kill for a good shaved ice. I am a watermelon addict though. Blue bubblegum was my favorite as a kid though. Is it weird I can still smell it??

    Yay for a successful trip!

    1. I’ve never had watermelon, but that sounds tasty, too! I wish there was a place here!

  7. It’s never easy to fly with a young child/ baby by yourself–but you hit the nail on the head preparation!! good for you–she is adorable–glad you got to enjoy it all

  8. It can be so difficult traveling with little ones! Especially if their ears start bothering them and they scream! But can be fun too when they cuddle and hold you!

  9. mrs. hils says:

    Miss E is looking more like her sisters every single day!

    1. She was so adorable…and so sad, too! No nap all day, and those balloons cheered her up!

  10. aww look like a great time. 🙂 I haven’t flown alone w/my little ones just yet.

  11. Cute pics!! Whenever I am traveling with kids, I bring lollipops, lol.

    1. I even offered to the mom behind me of a little girl one day older/younger. She was all “no, we have raisins!” I was like “first time mom!”

  12. YAYY for a successful flight/trip!!

    That blue bubblegum sno-cone looks delicious! Where is it from?

    1. It’s a place in Houston called YumYum?!? There are shave-ice huts all over the place down there.

  13. love that the two of you had such a great trip!

    so proud of you both!!

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