How we save money on haircuts


When we very first started our Dave Ramsey budget, we had a line for Mr. Serious’ haircuts. But even at the cheapest place, with a tip, it was running about $15-$20 per haircut. And he needed it cut every 2-3 weeks. Which is insane! His “grooming” budget was more than mine!

We (okay, maybe me) decided that something needed to change. So, we picked up a professional set of clippers and I learned how to do a “fade.” We did that a couple times, and I think it looked pretty good. He did, too, but it turned out to be pretty time consuming. Then, he made a bet with a coworker around weight loss. And even though Mr. Serious lost a ton, he didn’t quite lose the same percentage as his coworker. The result? He had to shave his head.

But, it turns out that his loss was a blessing in disguise. We both decided we liked it shaved (not bald, but a “one” if that means anything to you). So, we could quickly shave his head and save like $30/month on his hair care. We’ve been doing this for a little less than 4 years! That’s a lot of money. 

What we realized, though is that even though we had the clippers for the bulk of the hair, cleaning up the edges requires something that can be a little more precise. 

neck trim

We were sent the Philips MultiGroom Plus to test out and it fit the bill perfectly. I could trim his neckline and around his ears without worrying about taking out a huge chunk of hair. 

  • 8 attachments for face and head trimming, including a hair clipper, full trimmer, detail trimmer, nose trimmer, full metal guard, detail foil shaver, beard and mustache comb and stubble comb. 
  • 7 attachments for face & head trimming, including a hair clipper, full-metal guard trimmer, detail trimmer, nose trimmer, mini foil shaver, beard and mustache comb, and stubble comb. 
  • 100% water resistant for easy cleaning 
  • Rechargeable cordless and corded use; Up to 50 minutes of run time after 1 hour charge

It has all of the fancy attachments you need if you want to trim a beard or a mustache or your ears or nose or pretty much anywhere you don’t want hair.

Philips Multi Groom Plus

We’ve been very pleased with the Philips MultiGroom Plus. It holds a charge really well and does a great job getting close to the skin so Mr. Serious’ neck looks nice and clean-shaven. Plus, it’s under $40, so it will pay for itself in less than two months of home haircuts!

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  1. I have been my husband’s barber for the past 3-4 years, and I agree it says lots of money! He currently has a set of clippers for his head and a different set for his facial hair – it would be nice to have one that does it all!

  2. This looks like a really good clipper! We have started cutting my son’s hair at home since he has SPD and this looks great.

    1. I can imagine that saves you a ton of stress and helps him enjoy having his hair cut so much more.

  3. I’ve been cutting my hubby’s hair for the past 6-7 years. 🙂 Saves so much!

  4. This looks like something my brother and my husband could really use and enjoy.

  5. I too give haircuts at home. Not because we can’t afford the haircuts but because I just can’t see spending that kind of money each month on hair cuts.

    1. Exactly..we can afford it, but it’s nicer to be able to spend that money on other things:)

  6. grandma pat says:

    maybe one of these days Joe will trust me to cut his hair. I go with him a lot and see all they do. Looks pretty darn easy to me. I will keep pushing for him to let me try.

    1. Let me know how many times you get this:) Please and thank you.

  7. I will tell my husband to check it out. Philips is a dependable brand, so its worth checking out, and at less than $40 hello can’t beat that price.

  8. I do all the hair cuts around here. It saves a ton of money and is so easy to do.

  9. Love Dave Ramsey and his budget tips. We used Dani Johnson War on Debt and it really has made a big difference in our lives! Way to stick to doing things on your own girl and saving mula!

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely made a difference in our lives, for sure!

  10. Boys haircuts are expensive! I have 3 (including hubby). We normally wait for a good coupon so the kids hair might grow out a bit too long in the process. I like this grooming set, but I’m too nervous to cut the boys hair.

    1. It’s really quite easy, especially if they let you do it all the same length!

  11. my MIL cuts my husband’s hair. I don’t know what kind of clippers she has, but she cuts all the guys’ hair in his family.

    1. Admittedly, I’d much prefer somebody else doing it because of all the hair I get all over me, but it’s definitely a trade off:)

  12. Haircuts are usually cheap for my son ($7-10), but it’s $20+ for me if I need just a trim. 😮

  13. My husband shaves his head BALD (but he’s done it for 10+ years) and I like it. I need to learn how to fade with the clippers, though, because spending that $10-$15 every 6-8 weeks for both boys gets expensive! I like this Multigroom Kit and the fact that it’s waterproof.

  14. christine reyes says:

    I have started cutting my boys’ hair again. I stopped when I was pregnant because I just didn’t have the patience and my back would be killing me! I like saving the money I would have to shell out. I swear, their hair grows so fast- about every 2 months if I’m lucky. I don’t cut my boyfriend’s hair though. Lol his mom will do that!

  15. savings are substantial. I figure I am saving around $1000 a year when I factor in transportation costs with haircuts and tip. Two children @$15 each (includes tip) plus 40 mile round trip per month @.55 mile for gas, wear & tear. My guys trims my hair every other month saves $55 (w/tip) plus 30 miles round trip. My guy is very detailed in cutting my hair, never a bad haircut (left the salon too many times in tears) and I can’t beat the convenience. Use Wahl clippers for basic cutting on sides, good hair shears for scissor over comb cutting, and a peanut trimmer for the side burns and neck line. Definitely use a good nylon cape and drop cloth for easier clean up. In warmer weather we do haircuts on the patio and use leaf blower for cleanup. I do the back of my guys’ head with clipper with #8 guide and he finishes the top and sides with scissors. That saves him money too.

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