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Back in college, I had a month where I noticed my breasts really hurt. So much so that I went to the doctor because I thought I had found a lump. It turned out (thank goodness) that I had very dense breast tissue. He told me to lay off the caffeine (I hardly had any and now have none) and exercise. It helped a little, but the girls were still really tender. When I started to pay attention, it was more than just discomfort sporadically. It was actually cyclical. Like menstrual cycle cyclical.

They are just so painful, it is like having melons mounted on my chest.

hugs shouldn't hurt my melons

{It’s a good thing he loves me, because this has been stored just waiting for the right occasion!)

I didn’t even want to be hugged during certain times of the month. And, if somebody bumped into me…OUCH!

Violet® supplements

There is now a new over-the-counter supplement called Violet® Iodine that was created to alleviate the symptoms of breast discomfort and promote breast health. Yes, a supplement to help with that discomfort!

Violet Iodine is for the millions of women who suffer from breast discomfort associated with their menstrual cycle. It is the only molecular iodine supplement that addresses menstrual-related breast discomfort and alleviates the symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast condition (FBC) including: tenderness, swelling, aches and heaviness.(1) Violet iodine is a new, taken once-daily, and is a non-hormone supplement.

You can get it in several stores with a discounted price of 30% off at select retailers:

  • CVS – in select stores (does not apply online)
  • The Vitamin Shoppe – and in store

Is Violet® Iodine something you would try to help with breast discomfort?

(1) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. That’s cool. I have super dense tissue also, thankfully they don’t hurt though. It has made for a scare for lumps though. I’ll have to check it out and read more on it.

  2. pat chance says:

    This is definitely a classic photo of mr. serious. It’s great they have come out with something for cycle breast pain.

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about. I can’t stand that time of the month because for me this doesn’t occur every time so I don’t know when to expect it. It is such a pain in the neck. Thanks for sharing this product.

  4. I was so intrigued by this when you told me about it. I really want to try it!

  5. Antionette says:

    I dont get “that time of the month” i am 32 and used birth Control, now recently my breasts have doubled in size, and a hug means pain….what can it be

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