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It’s high time to get this body back in shape. Before I got pregnant with B, I was in great shape and actually weighed less than I did in high school. I need to get back to that place! If you, like me are wanting to get your booty in shape, you need to check out UFC Gym at the Perimeter in Atlanta!

My friend Desiree with Stress-Free, Baby went to a trial class to check it out! She left having a hard time walking and lifting her arms over her head! That my friends, is a good workout!

UFC Gym Perimeter

 Not only are they trying to get you (me? us?) into better shape, but they are also teaching you fighting move and moves that will allow you to protect yourself should the need arise.

UFC Gym Perimeter

They helped teach Desiree the basic fight moves:

  • The one, two: that’s a left punch, right punch.
  • The three, four: left hook, right hook.
  • The five, six: left undercut, right undercut.

Once you learn the basics, and understand how the numbers correlate to a movement, you have a little more fun.

  • One, two, three. (left, right, left hook) 
  • One, one, two, three, six. (left, left, right, left hook, undercut)

UFC Gym Perimeter, which is located in the heart of Dunwoody, opened its doors in January 2014, and is already giving fitness seekers and UFC enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to focus on fitness in a state-of-the art gym. But, they are having their grand opening this Saturday, March 29th from 8:15-3:30. It’s not just for men and women. They are even doing some kid classes, too. It’s completely family-friendly!

They feature an octagon; challenging and rewarding boxing, kickboxing, and MMA classes. These classes help participants burn up to 1,000 calories per class! I can’t even think of how much food that is! I haven’t burned off 1,000 calories in an exercise class since I was teaching spinning back in 2009! 

Make sure you check out their grand opening schedule and make it to an adult class or a kid class. I’m sure it’s going to be a great time!

Also, follow them on twitter and Facebook: @UFCGymPerimeter and UFCGymPerimeter.

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  1. Punching bags are a great way to relieve stress! Glad you are enjoying your time there!

  2. I’ve been talking about going back to the gym…for months.
    Too bad talk doesn’t help you burn calories.
    Love this is a combination of work-out AND self-defense.

  3. I so need to find a good gym by me. As I am getting older I sometime feel my bones locking up, going to a gym would really help relax-my muscles and lose my weight. Great post!

  4. My brother is a UFC fighter and has been training me these past few months to help me get into shape…all I can say is wow..the workout is amazing!

    1. Wow! You are lucky. I need a trainer to kick me into high gear!

  5. Jennifer Marie says:

    I would like to try kickboxing.

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