Lactose Free & Gluten Free Strawberry Chia Pudding [VIDEO]



When you have intolerances to certain foods, it can make meal-time and snack-time a little harder. Thankfully, since milk has been an issue for me as long as I remember, I usually know how to get around eating/drinking it and not having an upset stomach. But, thanks to DairyPure Lactose Free Milk I can have a great tasting breakfast or snack with milk in it with no irritation.

lactose free gluten free strawberry chia pudding

With trying to eat healthy, I wanted to make a chia pudding with strawberry milk. Most of the time, when you flavor milk it’s synthetic and not good for you. With this, I used fresh strawberries (frozen would work) and put them in the blender so they were one with the DairyPure milk.

lactose free gluten free strawberry chia pudding

I used Skim/Fat Free DairyPure Lactose Free Milk, but you can also find it i in the dairy case at grocery stores nationwide in whole, 2% reduced fat, and 1% low fat milks.

To make the strawberry chia pudding:

With 3/4 cup milk, I added 1 cup fresh (or frozen) strawberries and mixed them in the blender until the strawberries were thoroughly blended. Once blended, I poured 3/4 c of the strawberry milk into a jar and added about 2.5 Tablespoons of whole chia seeds. I then attached the lid and gave it a good shake. The chia seeds don’t like to get in the wet mixture, so shake them good. Then the jar went into the fridge. 4 hours is about all it needs to make pudding, but I left them in the fridge overnight. If you are awake, give the jar a shake before going to bed to make sure the seeds get mixed up well.

In the morning, I opened it up, topped it with some frozen strawberries (other fruit would work, or even plain) and had a great breakfast. For me, it was good the way it was, but the kids prefer it just a little sweeter, so if you are making it for them, maybe put a little honey on top, or maple syrup to give it just a little sweetness.

It’s been a long time since I had regular cow’s milk, but DairyPure believes being lactose intolerant shouldn’t exclude anyone from enjoying fresh, pure, delicious milk! DairyPure Lactose Free Milk tastes like real milk because that’s exactly what it is – they just remove the lactose so it’s easier to digest. I swapped it in the morning with my E’s milk and she only asked why the container was different, but said nothing about the taste. Less varieties of milk in the house would be super helpful!

About DairyPure

DairyPure is the only milk backed by an exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise which means DairyPure milk (including Lactose Free Milk):

  • contains no artificial growth hormones
  • is tested for antibiotics
  • is continually quality tested to ensure purity
  • only comes from cows fed a healthy diet
  • is cold shipped from your trusted dairy

I’m excited about the possibilities of lactose-free milk and cooking and everything I can do without making something separate for me to eat. And, I’m also excited about more chia pudding!

lactose free gluten free strawberry chia pudding

Lactose Free & Gluten Free Strawberry Chia Pudding [VIDEO]


  • 3/4 c milk
  • 1 c whole fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 2.5 T chia seeds
  • honey to taste optional


  • blend milk and strawberries in blender until mixed.
  • pour into container with lid
  • add 2.5 T chia seeds and place lid on container
  • shake vigorously to mix
  • place in fridge at least 4 hours or overnight
  • top with strawberries and add honey if desired



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