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I was sent a new kitchen faucet to install and check out. Which was good timing because our current one was leaking. I thought N and I would have fun trying to install it all on our own. Think we were successful?

sink installation ready mommy and me monday

After a sanding incident earlier this year where I amazingly didn’t lose an eyeball, we made sure to have on protective eye wear. If you’ve never installed a faucet before, you wouldn’t know that 90% of it is done on your back while holding tools up over your face in a very tiny space.

We were installing the Pfister Wilmington 1-Handle, Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet.

new sink faucets

After taking everything out from under the sink (and I mean everything! How did we get so much under there) we were ready!

installing a faucet mommy and me monday

N got a little annoyed at times, but saw the whole project through. She was very helpful, too and made sure to hold things when I needed them and hand me tools.

new sink faucet mommy and me monday

(I have to mention that Mr. Serious had to help at one point. There were two bolts on the old sink that I couldn’t get to budge! Also, I had to call in the parental unit about these sink connectors).

The box stated we need a supply line kit. But, I figured since we had a sink already we were good. Well, that’s a big nope! Apparently, the parts on the sink are different sizes and our current ones weren’t quite long enough to reach. Nothing a little trip to the home repair store couldn’t fix.

new sink faucet mommy and me monday

Back at it, things all tightened up and the sink works! Nothing was leaking and the hot was actually on the right side of the faucet (and so was the cold!)

Victory is ours! Girl power!

new sink faucet mommy and me monday

About the faucet:

The Wilmington Pull-Out kitchen faucet debuts the industry’s unprecedented fired copper finish, an astonishingly warm and luxurious luster that’s sure to be the proud centerpiece of any kitchen. More than a vision to behold, the simple and smart composition of the Wilmington kitchen faucet facilitates more efficient daily use.

  • Pforever Seal – advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Installs with or without deckplate (included)
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability
  • Pfister Pforever Warranty® covers finish and function for life
  • 2.2 gpm @ 60 psi

Our thoughts:

We are still in the testing phases of faucet use. The directions were a little wordy. I guess less is more sometimes. I ended up looking at a couple pictures and then just winging it based on the previous stink installation which worked out well.

It says the sink should swivel 360 degrees. Ours is less than 180. I’m thinking and hoping that something just has to work itself out and it will move the rest of the way, or that the number is incorrect. I did like that our previous one allowed us to rotate it out of the way of the sink.

The tubing on the hose for the pull-out faucet is covered in nylon. I’m concerned how this will wear under the sink and with years of use inside the faucet head. Our previous sink was a metal hose and even has a little wear on it for over 10 years of use.

I like that the button to change the water from a stream to spray is on the top and that it goes back to a stream after turning the water off and then back on.

The look of the faucet is very nice, too and I think goes well with the decor in our kitchen.

What did you do this week?

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  1. Mr. Serious says:

    Best looking plumbers I’ve ever seen! I don’t know if that comment is girl power approved, but it’s the truth.

  2. I’ve been wanting to install a faucet like this in my kitchen. I have the old separated system and the hose doesn’t retract. It’s a pain.

    1. Hmmmmm….I have the old one still if you want it? It just needs a cleaning with some lime-away.

    1. I figured if I can put IKEA furniture together, I could do the sink. The hardest part is laying the cabinet and that I have really large hands.

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