13 Top Toddler Wish List Items Every Toddler Wants


Toddlers are fickle creatures. When they find something they like, it’s theirs, no you can’t have it, nobody else can have it and they will love it until the end of time. Unless they stop liking it. Which is always and likely a possibility, too.

Because, like I said, fickle. But man are they super cute, too. It’s like one of the most fun stages ever because they are still cuddly and do all of the cute things.

Toddler Wish List

The Baby Cubby sent me a gift card and asked me to put together a toddler wish list, so I looked around their shop and found 13 things that pretty much every toddler will want.

The Baby Cubby Of course, this doesn’t include all of the hugs and kisses and cuddles from mom and dad and siblings and grandparents!

AND also doesn’t include, every toy, device, remote, and phone their mom/dad/sister/brother has.

13 Top Toddler Wish List Items Every Toddler Wants13 Top Toddler Wish List Items Every Toddler Wants13 Top Toddler Wish List Items Every Toddler Wants


I have yet to meet a toddler that isn’t obsessed with shoes. Putting on the shoes, taking off the shoes, putting your shoes on them, putting their shoes on you. All the shoes. These nautical toddler shoes are adorable.

Lovey/security blanket

All of my girls have had a lovey or security blanket of some type. It helps them feel safe and have a sense of familiar at bed time or if you are out and about. This cow looks like it fits the bill completely!

Dream Bamboo Blanket

Bamboo blankets are some of the softest and squishiest blankets. They are perfect for a crib, in the bed or even in the car. We like to have blankets everywhere our toddlers are so we can quickly wrap them up or cover them if they are cold or need tucking in. Aden and Anais Dream Bamboo Blankets are the “comfy-coziest” blankets ever.

Snack cups (all the snacks)

If there’s one thing toddlers love, it’s snacks. All the snacks all the time. But don’t make the mistake of giving them a giant container of snacks, unless you like cleaning them up. Universal snack holders might be more of a parent’s dream, but if they mean snacks for the toddler, I’d call that a dream for both!


Throwing food on the floor is always a fun toddler challenge. But, so is independence and then the anger that follows when a plate is flung across the table and onto the floor. EZPZ mats prevent that from happening. They also have these ones that are completely sectioned off, because toddlers do.not.like their food touching!


If you’ve ever given a toddler a spoon or fork before, you know this is another place they crave independence, but are also a bit in need of practice. NumNum dips help them gain confidence and learn how to feed themselves while limiting messes and having to figure out how to hold a spoon flat.


And of course, the elusive cup. If you are out to a restaurant and your toddler insists they have the same cup as everybody else? These Boon snug cups and lids that fit pretty much any cup save the day! Your toddler gets to use the same cup as everybody else, but gets the help of a familiar sippy cup lid (that won’t leak).


Of course, toddlers love toys. I like to get them toys that have motion and function and not toys that require batteries or plugs. A tool box is a great toy because toddlers can mimic what they might see their parents doing.

Toys that make them move

It’s nice to have toys for sitting still, but it’s even more fun to have toys that make toddlers get up and move. This bowling set will be fun for toddlers and older. And, honestly, I could see my husband setting it up after the kids go to bed and knocking down some pins.

Diaper bag / purse

Kids like to be like their parents. They like to be responsible and do the same things. Our youngest actually calls our JuJuBe BeQuick her “purse.” I wonder if she think I keep diapers and wipes in my purse. What’s great about these bags is that the toddlers love carrying them on their own, they are small enough to carry and they can use them past the diapering stage (my oldest two actually use them as carriers for their gaming systems).


Toddlers love books. Yes, they will ask for the same book night after night after night. They love routine. Check out this great assortment of books that toddlers will love. They can never have too many books. When in doubt, get books!

Bath toys

Splish splash, they were taking a bath and got you all wet. If you’ve figured out how to get your toddler to not splash, let me know. But one thing that helps that the toddlers love playing with is bath toys. These bath creatures are adorable and can distract them from getting you and the floor wet.

Activity Book

Toddlers like to have something to do in the car. Shoot, I like car entertainment if I’m not driving. This chalk book is great for older toddlers to help pass the time in the car.

All of these great products can be found at The Baby Cubby.

About The Baby Cubby

The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there, know what it’s like and are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is. They we do this by finding the best and safest baby gear and providing it to parents in a fun shopping experience. They do fun things like test strollers on their stroller track and they price match everyday – even amazon, offer free shipping nationwide at BabyCubby.com and actively engage with parents.

What makes The Baby Cubby Different

They aren’t just “another baby store.” They are so much more than that. When parents engage with them be it on their website, in their retail store, through social meda or on their Cubby Community Blog, The Baby Cubby wants them to feel that difference knowing they are there not just to sell “stuff” but to be a resource for them through the amazing journey of parenthood. And, oh what a journey it is.

Why They Do What They Do

About the Baby Cubby

Did I leave anything off that your toddler would have on their wish list?

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  1. Books and shoes, shoes and books. Also some hairbows. That’s my baby girl right now!

    1. My girls always liked the idea of hair bows…but didn’t want to keep them in!

  2. Those ezpz mats are the bomb dot com. Seriously, every parent needs at least two from 8ish months-4 years old. I saw they have pet mats now as well…I wonder if they are as amazing as the toddler mats.

    1. I was looking at the reviews and people said they used these at pet mats!

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