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I’ve been keeping a secret this last month. And, it’s been a hard one. Because I love babywearing and haven’t been able to with this one lately. You seen, the fine people at LÍLLÉbaby have been working on it, too. And, they sent the ambassadors one to test out and tell you about it the minute it came out!

Introducing the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials.

LILLEbaby has expanded even more to include not only new Essentials prints, but also an Essentials All-Seasons with a mesh panel. This is my go-to, throw in the car, easy ups carrier.

LILLEbaby essentials all season

In these pictures with the all seasons, for your reference, B is 36 inches tall. She will be 3 years old in December 2016. And, I’m guessing she’s about 26 pounds.

lillebaby all seasons infant pillow infant insert
  • All of the Essentials carriers allow for 4 positions (fetal with insert, front facing in, hip and back).
  • You can cross the straps if you’d like to have that carrying option. I find with the PFAs (perfect fit adjusters), I don’t need to try to cross the straps.
  • Use the infant insert (with three different options) until baby no longer needs additional neck support. (Shown below with two of the three positions thanks to Traci at @DiaperBagConfessions, with her son who is 7lbs)
  • Infant pillow can be used when the insert isn’t necessary for neck support for an additional boost until legs fit the panel. You can either purchase the infant insert and then detach the pillow as baby grows, or if baby is older and doesn’t need neck support, just purchase the pillow separately. lillebaby infant pillow
  • Legs can be in or out with pillow as long as baby’s weight is on bum lillebaby infant pillow essentials
  • Lumbar support not included, but can be used as well as tummy pad.

I’ve got a full post comparing the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials, the LÍLLÉbaby Complete and the ERGObaby Original, but there’s also a chart comparing the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials, the LÍLLÉbaby Complete and the ERGObaby Original.

Essentials insert with baby

As a shorter person, I really appreciate the PFAs (perfect fit adjusters) as I can get an amazing fit with the straps.

LILLEbaby essentials all seasons PFAs

And, the pocket is a great feature as well. You can either secure the hood here when not in use, roll it up and tie it, or tuck it into the mesh panel pocket.

LILLEbaby essentials all seasons top pocket

Additionally, the zippered pocket is nice for pacifiers, nursing pads, a diaper or more. It surprisingly holds a lot.

LILLEbaby essentials all seasons side zippered pocket

The ties for the hood and the all-seasons panel are perfect. They keep the hood secured when you roll it up and tie it in place.

LILLEbaby essentials all seasons hood rolled up

There is also a tie and loop to keep the panel of the All Seasons tied down and secured in place. In fact, I think this keeps it in place better than the complete.

LILLEbaby essentials all seasons panel exposed

Here’s a little collage with some of my favorite features of the Essentials All Seasons.

LILLEbaby essentials all season

Here’s a handy chart with all of the key information about the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials.

Check out my Lillebaby Essentials All Seasons Video

I’ve got a full post comparing the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials, the LÍLLÉbaby Complete and the ERGObaby Original, but here’s the chart comparing the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials, the LÍLLÉbaby Complete and the ERGObaby Original. Please pin it and enjoy! And, let me know if you have any other questions!

Comparison picture + chart essentials complete ergo
lillebaby essentials review

It is the newest carrier to join the LÍLLÉbaby family in a gorgeous chevron print. So, last week, I asked our incredibly artistic neighbor to come over and take some pictures that weren’t me standing with a tripod and remote!

Curious how it compares to the LILLEbaby Complete and the ERGObaby? I’ve got your comparison!

I think the first question people will ask is, “how much is it?”

You guys, guess what…. it’s $89.99! It’s a beautiful, comfortable and essential-to-parenting carrier under $100!

If you prefer a chart or a video, scroll down to the end for both of those.

lillebaby essentials review

The LÍLLÉbaby Essentials is suitable for 7 pounds (with an infant insert available in early 2016 ) all the way to 45 pounds. This means it’s great for B (21 months, about 33 inches tall and about 26 pounds!) and our 3.5 year old has also had some rides in it, too! They both get a great seat and great support and we are comfortable in it.

lillebaby essentials review

It allows for four carrying positions; front, back, hip and infant carry (seen below). The straps have three-way adjustments abilities, with two under the arms and one at the top (PFAs). If that doesn’t make sense, check out the video…it’s a must). The straps can be cross if preferred.

Two way adjustable straps on lillebaby essentials

It has an attached mesh hood that can be put in the hood pocket.

hood attachment lillebaby essentials

The Essentials also has a full pocket on the panel, great for a couple diapers and wipes, pacis, lovies, hats, etc.

pocket lillebaby essentials

A favorite thing that LÍLLÉbaby does is put the male part of the buckle along with the webbing on the strap. It makes a hip carry so much easier because you can reach the strap all the way around (again, check out the video if this needs more explanation. I think you need to see it).

lillebaby essentials review

I don’t consider myself petite, but I am on the smaller side with quite narrow shoulders. This carrier is amazing for me. I can get a great fit and there is even more I can tighten if I wanted. With the perfect fit adjusters, I can pull the carrier even tighter and get a closer fit with B, especially on my back. Don’t think this means that it won’t also fit people bigger than me. That’s one of the great LÍLLÉbaby qualities. It will fit a wide range. The Essentials also fits my 6’3” husband with ease and room to go bigger.

perfect fit adjuster pfa lillebaby essentials

We are really enjoying this cost-effective, comfy and patterned carrier for our family. Check out the three carries with our girl. For reference again, she is 21 months, about 33 inches and about 26 pounds.

lillebaby essentials three carry positions front, back hip

Here’s a handy chart with all of the key information about the LÍLLÉbaby Essentials.

LÍLLÉbaby essentials chart

Check out my video here:

LÍLLÉbaby Essentials vs LÍLLÉbaby Complete vs Ergobaby Original

Want more? Check out this comparison.

Buy the LILLEbaby Essentials on amazon.
*This post contains affiliate links which helps give me a couple pennies to pay for more carriers!

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  1. Jen Erickson-Veldboom says:

    I LOVE this! Love the pattern and it looks very comfortable. I think the pattern is my favorite thing about it.

  2. Amanda Brunner says:

    I love the 4 carrying positions

    1. Gretchen Budde says:

      agreed nice option

  3. Barbara kent says:

    Love this! Looks like its an amazing option for those with a budget! Wish I had waited a week to get mine because I love this print!!

  4. Elizabeth Parker says:

    I’m not a fan of the features that it excludes, but I do understand why they had to, and I love the price that is more affordable for most people. ?

  5. looks nice but I’m worried about what the newborn insert will look like. I don’t think i want to buy another carrier that can’t be easily used between both kids (will be 20 months apart when #2 arrives in january). Love the print though!

  6. Happy babywearing week!

  7. I love the comparison pictures, very helpful!!!

  8. Amanda Powell says:

    Love your blog!!! Would love to win this!!

  9. Amy Klein says:

    I love that it is affordable and I could possibly only need one carrier to carry both my boys as the older one always gets jealous and would like to take a ride!

  10. I think this is a great, simple addition to the lillebaby line. I love the fabric and chevron design!

  11. Chanty Lattimore says:

    I LOVE the straps on this carrier, and of course the PRINT!!

  12. Eeek!!!I want this so bad!

  13. Jamie Hammel says:

    I would love this, I have never tried a Lillebaby, but would love too.

  14. Geetanjali Sardessai Kare says:

    thank u for ur review..

  15. I love the pattern and the material looks great! Obviously the price point is phenomenal too 🙂

  16. Amanda Davis says:

    Love, love, love the chevron print! The affordability also makes it much more feasible for me to consider purchasing for myself to use with my work kiddos (I’m a nanny with no kids of my own yet).

  17. I love the pattern and the price!

  18. Oh my gosh, I’m absolutely dying for one of these! What’s not to love? I’m obsessing over the large pocket, crossable straps, and PFAs!!

  19. Kristina M says:

    It may not be as big as the carryon, but I think this would be a great option for my 2 year old and Daddy.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I love the print and color! It would be perfect for my baby girl.

  21. I’m a big Lillebaby fan! Beautiful new print!

  22. Sttephanie Davis says:

    I love that Lillebaby is offering a more affordable option in SSC’s! I wish I could get one for my little- maybe Christmas, eh? It’s a good compromise in my eyes! Some parents just can’t afford $130, $150, $190 or more, no matter how much they’d like to! It’s great that Lillebaby is trying to ease that gap! <3

  23. Desyre MacMillan says:

    I love the idea of the PFAs. I’ve never tried a carrier with them, but as a 5’1″ momma with a 6’2″ husband I think they would be handy for us!

    Thanks for the review, pics and video!

  24. Great, super-thorough review! I’m not sure this will beat out my Complete, BUT I’d love to try it! The head support on the Complete has been bothering my 11 month old lately so this could actually be perfect!

  25. What a nice carrier! Great review I wish I had one for my 1yo!

  26. Love that it is simple, cute and comfortable

  27. i love the simplicity of it, and how packable it is!

  28. Melanie D says:

    It would be the PFAs for me… I think those could help a lot!

  29. Jessica Romito says:

    I like the mesh head cover! So smart–my babies’ heads always overheat.

    Would you recommend this new carrier over the CarryOn Air for a toddler?

    1. That’s a tough question. I don’t think I would recommend one over the other. The big thing for me is that people sometimes jump to the CarryOn too early and then find it’s too big (like it still doesn’t fit B), but the Essentials definitely does.

      I’d say if it’s more as a back up carrier, go with the Essentials, but if you have a lot of hiking and wearing to do and your toddler (I know she’s on the smaller size) is in at least 2T pants, I’d go with the CarryOn.

      Clear as mud, no?

      1. Jessica Romito says:

        Thanks! I’m still so confused about what toddler carrier to get. Evie’s legs are so long, but she is a skinny mini. And now that Lily is here and I wear here a lot, Evie has been asking to be worn too and I need a carrier just for her, as she will only get bigger. I have a wrap I love for the newborn days, a ring sling for quick stuff around the house and neighborhood, once baby can hold up her head well, but just the one SSC with buckles that I like for hiking and shopping trips and especially for when we travel. I think it’ll be nice for each of us o be able to carry the girls when we fly back to the east coast this spring. Sooooo all that being said, I think I need to try on a bunch of carriers with Evie in them. I wish there was a store that had all the carriers in interested in.

  30. Andrianna t says:

    I love that it is more customizable for affordability reasons.

  31. I love that this is a budget friendly carrier that is super cute! Most other carriers you have to spend $100+ to get a cute print.

  32. Kayla Bondy says:

    The affordability is amazing! It allows families to have a gorgeous , budget friendly way to BW!

  33. Laurie Hacko says:

    Sounds amazing can’t wait to try one

  34. I’d be so excited to have this carrier!

  35. This looks so awesome, and at a great price! Kudos to lillebaby for creating an ergonomic carrier affordable for all. I want one to play with.

  36. So pretty! Like the print.

  37. The best feature is the affordability! This carrier opens the market to more people. Spreading the lillebaby love!

  38. Kara Gibbs says:

    So excited! Love a great affordable baby carrier!

  39. I love the adjustability of the new carrier!

  40. Amanda Diebolt says:

    it looks so comfy. What does the inside look like?? Is the inside canvas & just the hood portion mesh??

    1. The inside is solid grey cotton canvas. Same material as the front, just solid colored:) Just the hood is mesh.

  41. Jazmin Adrienne says:

    I cannot wait to try this carrier! I just got my embossed and already reach for it over my other carriers. I think the lillebaby essentials will be used as a back up in our car and to use when we go out on special events with both kids.

  42. Regina Wright says:

    The affordable price and it’s CHEVRON! Are ya kidding me?!? Love it!

  43. Love lillebaby and love the look of this one. Love my stone one, but seriously chevron is my favorite.

  44. Misty Fleming says:

    Love the more affordable option here!

  45. Jennifer R says:

    Love lillebaby!!!!!! ✌?️???

  46. Darcy Hyland says:

    Love this! I love the mesh hood,and the print is so cute!

  47. Liberty T. says:

    I love that the carrier is so affordable and the pattern is so fun!

  48. Hi there! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome carrier!

  49. Moiya Braun says:

    suvh an awesome print!

  50. Sarah Schiro says:

    I love that it is more compact… and the print is cute too.

  51. I have 2 completes, but love how basic this one is! Simple enough to possibly get my husband to babywear!

  52. Fabulous video! I’m liking the across the back strap option for a carry. It’s something my current carrier can’t do!

  53. James Robert says:

    I like the perfect fit adjusters with this so you can adjust as needed

  54. Love to see a more affordable carrier – and it looks great! Excited to see the possibility of easier breastfeeding with the front strap adjustments!

  55. Adrianna. A says:

    I guess it is really possible for me to love this brand even more than I already do. I’ve been wanting a new Lillé & this price is perfect. I really excited about the PFAs.

  56. Bonnie Cantrell says:

    I love all the adjusters. I didn’t think the hood would be a big deal for me but after carrying my 8 month old in an older carrier and needing to protect her from the sun and let her nap I now see how great a hood could be.

  57. Alisha Emmett says:

    I love the price as print!

  58. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    When my older ones were little, we never had anything like this. Now that we have a new bundle of joy in our lives, I am really liking the concept of these carriers. What a great way to keep baby close while still being able to do things. I love that it is adjustable and can even be washed.

  59. Sarah Garrett says:

    I don’t know what exactly to love about the carrier because I don’t own one. I’d love to own one but funding one just isn’t available to me. What I do love is the baby wearing because it makes it easier for mom to do stuff and still be close to your lil one. My lil guy just loves to be held but not having a carrier makes it impossible for me to do stuff around the house. I pray I win!

  60. Delirah M says:

    I’m really loving the print! 🙂 I’m still saving up for a CarryOn but I would purchase this one just because I only back carry my youngest. I also like the pfa’s and that they kept the pocket {it’s essential 😉 ). Honestly, I just really love anything lillebaby! =)

  61. vanessa richard says:

    i love the weight range as i can carry my almost four year old as well as my 4 month old daughter

  62. Taylor Closet says:

    The feature I love is the head support, this is very important to me. LOVE IT!

  63. Looks comfy! I have a complete and love it. And very reasonably priced too!

  64. Stephanie Pettner says:

    I love this review and makes me want one as a second carrier

  65. I have never owned a good baby carrier I really hope I win this giveaway!! Due next month with my first baby girl and this carrier could really come in handy!! 🙂

  66. Brittney Held says:

    What I love about this carrier?! What’s not to love? I love he affordability, lillebaby is so wonderful at reaching every possible market and I love that they take all of their customers into consideration. I love the simplicity of this carrier, I love the PFAs, and I love the stylish print. I would love to win this carrier!

  67. Wow! This looks very comfortable, like it has great back support! Love that. I’m also somewhat on the smaller side, and carriers always end up KILLING my shoulders because I can’t adjust them to fit me properly. This looks like it’d help a lot!

  68. Beth Clark says:

    Thanks for this review! I think I’m going to add this carrier to my registry.

  69. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    I love that it has the adjustment straps on the front.

  70. Vanessa Huizar says:

    Looks so easy to use ! Thanks for the video

  71. I love how affordable it is!

  72. Emily Roth says:

    My favorite feature is the price point! When I was looking into carriers I had a hard time committing to one because the price was so high and I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Luckily I found an Ergo on sale for $65. This would have made the decision easier for sure!

  73. I love that the Lillebaby carrier is 100% cotton.

  74. Kris Sorrell says:

    I love the ability to wear my baby on my back or in front of me. She loves to look around and can see everything I can when up in a Lillebaby. I can’t wait to get an Essentials!

  75. Elizabeth says:

    I love how affordable it is compared to other carriers.

  76. Kari Barone says:

    My favorite feature of the new Lillebaby Essentials carrier are the PFAs. I also like the fact that it can be used from 7-45 lbs.

  77. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I love that the hood can be tucked away!

  78. Carrie Barron says:

    I love the print. I already have a Lillebaby and probably won’t spend the money on a new print, but I wouldn’t turn it down if I won it! I love everything about the Lillebaby carriers, especially the variety of carrying positions. Thanks!

  79. Heather Carman says:

    Having a hip attachment is pretty awesome!

  80. Kristina D says:

    My favorite feature is the price!! 😀

  81. I love that it can be used all the way up to 45 lbs.

  82. Lee dixon says:

    I love the mulitiple positions it comes in! And you can use through multiple babies!

  83. Amanda Lea says:

    I like that you can cross the straps! Looks like a great carrier, fingers crossed!

  84. I just ordered my first Lillebaby today. I just had to have the Embossed Complete but this would have been a viable option, too. Actually, it might still be.

  85. I really like how versatile it is and that it has different carrying positions.

  86. I like the adjustable strap settings.

  87. Sara Harrington says:

    Would love to try one of these!

  88. I love the chevron pattern and the little pocket on front to hold keys or a wallet. I’m also a fan of the attached hood!

  89. I love every inch of the baby carrier. It’s beautiful. I live the fact it can hold up to 45lbs. I have a 49lb 6 year old I so curious to see if he will fit in it and if he don’t I have a 20 lb 13 month old that will. My 6 yr wants held more then my 13 month old. Love all the different ways u can carrie them also other baby carriers only has 2 different ways to carrier them and I don’t like that.

  90. Love how adjustable the size is.

  91. I love the fact that it priced a little more afforadably than a lot of other carriers. I’m also a fan of the pocket so that I don’t have to worry about holding onto all the little things!

  92. I love the price and cute print!

  93. I like the price/ how affordable it is. I also like the 3 way adjustments as well as the placement of the buckle and ease of hip-carries 🙂

  94. I love the print, the hood, the versatility, the pocket, and the price!

  95. I like that it adjusts to a variety of sizes. My husband does a lot of babywearing too so we need something versatile.

  96. I love the price point for a SSC carrier!

  97. Jodi Armstrong says:

    I love that it can be used from 7lbs to 45lbs. Such a long use.

  98. I love that they’ve created a carrier at a lower price point so that more mom’s will be able to get a Lillebaby!

  99. i love the pocket and price point! many people struggle with the afordability of a good ergonomic carrier!

  100. Barbara S says:

    Pocket on the panel is what I’m missing on my current carrier! I always wish I could put my keys and phone in the carrier.

  101. Lindsay Jackson says:

    The price is unbeatable! I also love the different carry options and the storage. It looks like an awesome, durable carrier!

  102. Morgan Schwall says:

    My favorite features are the amazing price point & that it is a full buckle SSC! This will be an amazing option for moms looking for a great SSC carrier on a budget. Plus, it’s super cute!!

  103. Samantha Mills says:

    I love this carrier. It’s hard to pick just one favorite feature because there’s a lot. I love that it’s such a great carrier at such an amazing price. I also love that the weight limit goes up so high on it. I would love to try one of these with my baby boy. He’s only 8 months right now, and I know we’d be able to get so much use out of it before he outgrows it. Thank you for the review and the comparison pictures. Pictures are always so much easier for me to understand than just statistics.

  104. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love the awesome fit

  105. I love the adjustable size and the lower price!

  106. I like the buckle design to make hip carry easier.

  107. Jeannette Mills says:

    Love the fabric and I love that the hood is mesh and breathable! Also, I love that the straps are so adjustable and that it can be used for hip carries! Looks like a great, affordable carrier!!

  108. I love the new PERFECT FIT ADJUSTERS.

  109. Favorite feature is the straps can be crossed.

  110. Elizabeth Kopycinski says:

    I love how lightweight and breathable it is.

  111. Kristine Barrett says:

    I love that they added PFAs and the affordable price tag! 😉 Heck, I just love Lillebaby!

  112. The pattern is beautiful.

  113. More affordable than a tula!
    excited to try one on in a store

  114. Jamie Davis says:

    The fact that this carrier fits someone petite like me is awesome! I’ve had a boba 3G and it would not adjust small enough for my narrow shoulders. I’ve been researching but it’s such a specific requirement.

  115. I LOVE that small zippered pocket in the front!

  116. I love that these have so many different options for carrying positions, so it will grow with the LO!

  117. I appreciate the simplicity of this carrier but love that they’ve kept some on my favorite features, like the well-padded crossable straps, a pocket for your keys, and the breathable material. This would be a great carrier for parents who aren’t fully committed to the babywearing phenomenon, want an extra carrier to led caregivers or keep in the car, or who are just looking for a versatile, well made, inexpensive SSC!

  118. I love that the straps can cross and the price point of this carrier! Has all the features desired at an amazing price point!

  119. Kayla Bergstrom says:

    I love the price and that we LILLE lovers FINALLY have some prints!

  120. Amanda Felton says:

    I love the big pocket in the front and the awesome price!

  121. We don’t have a little one yet, but I already know that babywearing will be HOT here, so I like that it seems lightweight.

  122. Sindy Newberry says:

    Love the colors

  123. Jessica Morgan says:

    I love all the different positions you can carry your baby in. And the pattern is adorable.

  124. Brittany P says:

    I love the price point and the cute print! Plus that it’s Lillebaby. 😉

  125. How fun! Loving the new patterns available in the Essentials. Also good to see B can still fit in it – gives a better perspective on sizing.

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