Using Julie’s Greenroom to have meaningful conversations with your kids [printable]


Have you seen one of the newest Netflix Original shows, Julie’s Greenroom? It is now streaming exclusively on Netflix! And it is definitely worth the watch.

Julie's Greenroom on Netflix

The marvelous Julie Andrews debuts in Julie’s Greenroom which is sure to get kids and families singing, acting, designing costumes and much more. As I was previewing it, my 8 year old couldn’t look away. I was thinking it would be better for my 3 and 5 year old, but it is definitely a family show.

The diverse cast of puppets as well as Julie’s voice and her stage manager do a great job telling a story. And don’t forget the acting and singing duck!

Julie's Greenroom on Netflix

The very first episode had us glued. Not only is there singing, but you learn about the stage, stage directions, problem solving and more. Plus, it featured Broadway actress and singer Idina Menzel as well as the newest actress and singer to play Wicked on Broadway.

Julie’s Greenroom unlocks hidden passions through all aspects of the arts and gives kids a chance to express themselves, even those that aren’t sure why they are there. Common Sense Media, experts in balancing digital media and technology in kids’ lives, has some great conversation starters for families on how the performing arts are not only fun, but great for building character.    

4 conversations to have with your kids about Julie's Greenroom

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I like that while this is a show, it will inspire kids to appreciate the arts more and get excited about them. It might even inspire them to put on a play or two of their own!

Julie's Greenroom on Netflix

You can visit their website to peek behind the curtain and discover more info on the magic of the performing arts, guest stars, and downloadable activities to do with your Greenies! #JuliesGreenroom 

Julie’s Greenroom is just the beginning of Netflix titles that help children grow and learn in different ways. Netflix’s ever-growing selection of children’s titles celebrates creativity through shows like Ask The Storybots, Beat Bugs and much more

Have you given it a try yet? I think your kids will love it.

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