NOT a glimpse into the future


Our little toddler is quite the hoss, as I mentioned before when she was hanging from the playground.  Have I mentioned that she can also take her clothes (no matter what she’s wearing) and diaper off in 0.2 seconds?  Yeah, that’s talent, right?

When we went apple picking last weekend, somebody wasn’t too interested in joining her sister and father in the petting zoo, so we stayed outside the fence. 

I looked over, and spotted her hanging on the pole of the canopy/tent. 

Yeah, this is totally not a glimpse of any future jobs.  Not. At. All.

not the future

Sweetheart, you are cute, and sassy and fun, but we’ve got to stop with the pole hanging, alright?

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Lets hope she finds something else to do with that talent! 🙂

  2. i am so so so not laughing.

    ok maybe i am.

    just a little.

  3. Oh, she’s just building upper arm strength. Yeah, that’s totally it… ;P

  4. I took our daughter to our company picnic a couple months ago. She got bored and decided that she didn’t want to run around or hang out on Mommy’s lap anymore. So she climbed onto the table and started dancing while holding onto the umbrella pole. Of course, all our co-workers (and my boss) cannot stop making jokes about our little pole dancer……

    Luckily she kept her clothes on. (see the middle photo here)

      1. Too funny! Glad to know I’m not the only one with a pole dancer!

  5. Ya know- the better question is: How did she know how to do it? *Cough Cough mom Cough Cough*

  6. Hahahah, too funny. Let her get it out of her system now, mom, as opposed to later.
    Monkey came home from school the other day and informed me they learned the Macarena in school during music and movement. “I really like the booty part at the end. I like to shake it, Mom.”
    She’ll make us so proud one day on an MTV video, I’m sure. 😛

  7. I hear pole dancing is a great ab work out. She’ll have great arms and abs if she keeps this up. I take it she loves the swing set in the back yard.

  8. That is too funny!!!!!!! and, she is a cutie!!!

  9. Oh no! Well, maybe we can redirect all that strength and agility to gymnastics? Next gold medalist right here!!

  10. LOL! Yes, the pole is fine for now, but probably won’t be nearly as cute in a few years!

  11. HAHA Thats hilarious!!
    She better get all of that out of her system as a toddler! LOL

  12. ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe she will work in a circus… they do pole stuff, you know. Climb up the pole, hang from pieces of thread. Fly through the air with the greatest of ease. And THEY don’t need lots of clothes either.

    Mmmm… maybe not.

    Back to laughing… hahahahahahahaha!

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