One week to go! (okay, plus or minus)


People. We are at t-minus one week. Well, if you ask my midwives according to my “due date.” We all know how that goes. It’s like 3% of babies are born on their due dates (and I wonder if that includes inductions).

Either way, our D-day is getting close.

I’ve got the bag almost packed (that means there’s a stack of clothes in a pile near the suitcase) and a back-up outfit for B’s homecoming packed just in case Aunt Emily’s outfit doesn’t make it here. We’ve got a schedule of people to come over and watch the girls. And a birth plan has been delivered to the midwives and hospital.

With this being our first born in the dead of winter (stop laughing Minnesota friends), it’s important that we keep her little piggies both warm and of course fashionable.

One week to go!

All three of my older girls wore Robeez, the original soft-soled shoe for babies and toddlers, as their first shoes. So, why should B be any different? If she had a stocking, these would definitely be going in them.

To be honest, we still have the very first same pair from our oldest and all three girls have worn them. They just last! The soft- soled cushions allow for tiny toes to have a better grip on surfaces, promote balance, and encourage muscle growth.

They are constantly changing things up and this fall/winter, they are offering a modern twists on a classic design, for babies and toddlers up to 24 months old since 1994. Robeez Fall/Winter Collection 2013-2014

*I received a pair of Robeez in exchange for my post. All thoughts are my own. 

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  1. WHAT????? Only one week left? REALLY? But you look far too good! And you look so tiny compared to me with my fourth. WOW! And that really seemed to go quickly (probably not as quickly for you).

    ONE WEEK! So exciting! 🙂

    Very cute shoes too.

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