Keeping my girl safe in the Safety 1st: Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat


Our cars have been through the ringer lately. Right after we purchased our new to us van, our older van was rear-ended as well.  This time was worse than the last, but fortunately, the kids weren’t in the car, and Mr. Serious came out of it okay. 

But, it meant we needed to replace some seats…again.

One of them was N’s convertible 5-pt harness, just like the other one, that she had pretty much outgrown, so it was the right time to do it. 

We were sent the Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat in the Julianne print by Safety 1st. First of all, it’s absolutely beautiful With the fashionable girly black and white print, with a pop of pink before the headrest. N was so excited to see it and how pretty it is.

Safety 1st: Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat - Julianne

As soon as I got it out of the box and put the two pieces together, she had to take it for a test seating in the living room. Immediately, she proclaimed how comfy it was. Then, of course, her other sisters (both older and younger) had to try it out in the living room (of course, E did NOT ride in the seat in the car…just in case you were worried I let a 22 month old sit in booster seat)!

With the back on the Boost Air Protect Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st is has advanced Air Protect® Advanced Side Impact Protection, all the way up to 100 pounds! With the way our girls grow, they will be too tall for the back before they hit the weight limit, but it’s good to know it’s there. The Air Protect® Advanced Side Impact Protection immediately protects my precious cargo by reducing side impact forces through the precise release of air. This is one of the reasons that I have my oldest two in backed boosters and not just the bottom seat.

Safety 1st: Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat - Julianne

I also like the fact that the backed booster is belt-positioning so I know that when I have the head rest height adjusted correctly, the shoulder belt will hit her at just the right place to keep her as safe as I possibly can. Even if she falls asleep in the car, I know the seatbelt is going to be in the right place. And it’s going to keep her nice and upright!

Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat - Julianne

Of course, one of N’s favorite features is that is has slide-out cup holders on either side! She can put her pens and pencils or other crafts in there. Or, as she likes to do, hide her little sister’s pacis in there for when she’s having a fit. She likes to come to her rescue.

Safety 1st: Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat - Julianne

Of course, you can also remove the back and it converts to a backless booster should you chose or need to use it that way.

We’ve been very pleased with this seat. It’s easy to remove and put back in the car and if need be, can be adjusted very quickly for a taller child and then back down for our younger one!

You can buy the Safety 1st: Boost Air Protect® Booster Car Seat for $69.99 (or as of 12/19 it’s on sale for $59.84).

*We were sent this booster seat to review. All thoughts are my own. 

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  1. That is the cutest booster seat, the black and white pattern is very chic. I wish there was a booster seat as cute as this Safety 1st Booster seat when my kids were little. It looks like its designed perfectly to keep the kids comfortable, especially when they fall asleep.

    1. It’s crazy how much things change and the improvements they make. Just in the 7 years since I had my oldest!

  2. I like the fact that they adjust, but how easily can the cloth be cleaned? That’s our biggest issue w/our seats, they get filthy and the stains don’t wipe out.

    1. We haven’t had to clean this one yet, but the fabric just had to be attached with pieces of elastic around little hooks, so it’s super easy to take off. I think you can just throw it in the wash on a hand wash cycle (or quickly hand wash it) and then line dry it. A smaller stain would pretty easily come off….but when they are 5 the messes aren’t quite as big/bad (of course, if she wiped Cheeto fingers on them, that might be the ultimate test:)

      1. This is great that it detaches so easily to be cleaned. We don’t need it because our kids are always clean tho. ….

  3. Wow I should totally upgrade Natalie’s seat. That’s a great deal and I LOVE how it holds their head up when they fall asleep!

    1. Me, too! Not that my N sleeps in the car much, but on the very rare occasion I want that seat belt holding her up!

  4. My girls love their cup holders, too. But I bought them high back boosters for when they fall asleep in the car – I hate when they just folded over like paper when they had the regular boosters. Very cute seat!

    1. So very true. I really can’t see me ever taking the back off the seat. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  5. love it… when i see cute prints like this, it makes me wish for a little baby girl around… but think we might be done 😉

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